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The MailStore Support Manifesto

Note: We updated this post in March 2020

Since as early as 2014, our goal at MailStore has always been to provide our customers with outstanding support. A great deal has happened since then. MailStore is now a subsidiary of Opentext, Version 12 of our software is now available, more than 60,000 customers are using MailStore Server, and more and more managed service providers are integrating the MailStore Service Provider Edition into their portfolios every day. But one thing has remained constant in this exciting period of growth: we remain committed to providing outstanding technical support for our paid email archiving solutions. With that said, our own aspirations in terms of providing that excellent support have been refined:

  • Support is provided only by a team of highly qualified technical experts.
  • No external call centers are involved.
  • Support personnel in the U.S. and Canada work alongside our staff at corporate headquarters in Germany. We train local partners so that we can offer our outstanding support worldwide across different languages, cultures, and time-zones.
  • Before a purchase is made, technical support is fully available to our customers via phone, email, or live chat.
  • Our response times are generally far shorter than those defined in the support services.
  • We see ourselves not only as problem-solvers, but also provide our customers with support in the form of knowledge articles, a user community, technical webinars and video productions, and assist them during implementation planning.
  • We are happy to receive every customer, regardless of the size of their company or the number of licenses required

How do we make sure we’re living up to this aspiration?

working together at one deskAt the end of each support process, we conduct a survey to assess customer satisfaction with the service provided. And we regularly find that ourLogo Gold Stevie Award 2020 customers are extremely satisfied with the quality of the service they receive. We even publish the results for each quarter on our website. The positive ratings from our customers have also impressed the jury behind the German Stevie Awards. Indeed, in 2018 and 2020, our support team was honored with a Gold STEVIE® award (a premium business award) in the category “department of the year in the area of support.” Distinctions like these confirm that we are on the right track towards fulfilling our aspirations.

Logo Stevie Gold Award

Continuous improvement is part of MailStore’s technical support philosophy. By regularly discussing workflows within the team and implementing improvements, we quickly find the right solutions for Support, which operates largely on a reactive basis. Technical training, agile working methods, visual Kanban boards, and continuous communication between employees help keep our knowledge status up to date and allow us to “think out of the box”. Regular stand-up meetings for all teams also help promote e.g. internal communication by encouraging the exchange of expertise and establishing a shared knowledge base for all employees; weekly operational reporting helps us to observe trends and results, so that we can celebrate success and be ready to confront any mid-term challenges early on.

Expanding the support team

To serve our growing number of customers, we further expanded the support team: Alongside new colleagues, we now also have Second Level Support as well as a Sales Engineer team to provide potential customers and resellers with targeted technical support during the pre-sales phase.

Portrait Heiko Borchert, Sales Engineer
Heiko Borchardt, Sales Engineer
Ronny Janssen, Technical Support Engineer
Ronny Janssen, Sales Engineer

Second Level Support acts as an interface to our software development with the goal of integrating customer feedback into the development process. The Sales Engineers focus on providing interested parties with more information about the product, as well as answering questions during the test phase for example in our webinars.

As you can see, we take this aspiration very seriously – you deserve excellent support. That is our support manifesto!

Do you have questions for our technical support team? Contact us.

If you are an existing customer and your support agreement has expired, feel free to contact us at [email protected] or visit our online store for existing customers.

Braden Martin
04/04/2019, 06:56

Kudos on the growth of MailStore, wish you more success in the future. Every company goes through hardships, but it’s good to see companies like yours go past all of that and succeed. We are a managed service provider and would love to work with you guys sometime in the future.

Wilm Tennagel
04/04/2019, 14:41

Hi Braden, thank you! You know how to get in touch with us… Best Regards from Viersen in Germany!

George Groenewald
07/10/2020, 10:00

Good day,
Some of our users are getting this error when trying to restore archived email from Mailstore, while other are fine. – Same company:
Failed to send the message to the provided e-mail address. Reason: A generic internal error occurred.
Kindly assist.
Thank You.

Roland Latzel
07/10/2020, 12:03

Hi George,
our Technical Support Engineers are ready to help you out: https://cs.mailstore.com/
Please have your license key ready and add additional information about your installation like e.g. OS, email server etc.

George Groenewald
07/10/2020, 14:08

Good day,
We have managed with our network team to have the issue resolved.
Thank you for your response.

Wan Mahat
08/08/2022, 07:48

How you resolved the issue

03/04/2022, 13:18


where do i find my current license key?
In your site i mean.


Roland Latzel
04/04/2022, 08:12

You can retrieve your MailStore Server license key in the client.

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