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Find out what our customers like most about MailStore.

“As a lawyer specializing in family, transport and internet law I require a legal safe guard for email compliance and a reliable email archive and am very pleased that MailStore Server exists.
Technical issues were encountered under Windows 10 Insider Builds. MailStore Support was very dedicated and resolved this, even though the issue was due to the operating system and not the archiving software.  I am very thankful and therefor also renewed the Update and Support Service.”
Andreas Schwartmann, Lawyer Andreas Schwartmann
“Once MailStore Server is installed, you have to make sure you don’t forget about it, because it functions so smoothly. Particularly in the IT field that means a lot, although unfortunately it cannot be taken for granted. The Active Directory integration and archiving are so highly automated that maintenance is almost exclusively limited to update installation and distribution. This reliability, together with the excellent price-performance ratio, makes MailStore Server a superb product for us.”
Matthias Junge, Senior System Administrator
Mister Spex
“From an IT administrator’s perspective, MailStore Server is simple to install and easy to manage. The documentation is a great help when it comes to installation and it is easy to set up. When it comes to the archiving methods provided, the solution is enormously versatile and noticeably lightweight.”
Ashley Hunt, Systems Coordinator
PGA of Australia
“MailStore Server allowed us to implement an email archiving system in our firm that meets all of the legal requirements and to reduce the mailbox sizes of our email servers to a minimum. The easy installation and administration made this product the clear choice for us. MailStore Server is simply a good solution. A further advantage over other solutions is its low cost.”
Martin Menzerath, Manager ITC Services
Baker Tilly Roelfs
“Our previous archiving solution, never managed to fulfill our expectations. We particularly liked how the MailStore solution was installed within two to three hours and you could start using it immediately. Of course we tested everything first but we had no problems throughout the entire test phase. This is everything we had imagined for our email archiving.”
Juergen Krapp, Network Administrator
Beltz Group
“Getting to grips with the storage problem on our Exchange Server had been a major challenge for us. MailStore was able to noticeably reduce the workload of the email server immediately after a simple and fast implementation. Another advantage is that both users and the IT department find it easy to operate.”
Lukas Kaiser, Head of IT
“We were able to archive the first email just a few minutes after installation. MailStore Server has delivered cost savings, improved efficiencies, and excellent reliability. Furthermore it has been running smoothly and without any disruptions for over a year and a half.”
Richard Edwards, Senior Systems Administrator
Indianapolis Airport Authority
“Having lost 6 months of my life due to discovery and searching PST’s along with depositions that accompanied that task, I am very grateful, if ever faced with that situation again, that I have MailStore to lean on. It was the least expensive and most sensible choice for us. We didn’t need a heavy high end product.”
Scott D. Zane, Managing Director of Information Technology
Legacy Vacation Club
“MailStore completely met our expectations in many different respects. It’s a user- and administrator-friendly software solution with a fair price/performance ratio that allows us to comply with the legal retention guidelines for emails.”
Philipp Weber, IT Administrator
“We’d recommend MailStore as a solid email archiving solution. The installation was a breeze and I was very impressed with their documentation. The product itself is extremely flexible and it’s easy to use for both administrators and users.”
John T. Greiner, Chief Information Officer
Legal Services New York City
“The ROI on MailStore Server is excellent, with total cost of operations (TCO) fully under control. Investing in MailStore Server was an excellent choice and the solution is proving its value every day.”
Jan Vermaelen, CTO
“The solution is extremely flexible and easy to use. MailStore Server has also been very well received by our users, not least because of its fast search function.”
Phil Antill, IT and Facilities Manager
Winbro Group Technologies
“MailStore Server was far more cost-effective than the other solutions we considered. Likewise, the minimal system requirements and short, simple implementation phase helped keep costs low. I was impressed with how easy it was to use the solution. This is a great benefit for our users who access the archive daily via the MailStore add-in for Outlook and MailStore Mobile Web Access.”
Mike Gerges, Information Technology Vice President
Marinello Schools of Beauty
“We’ve been devout ‘Mailstorians’ for nearly three years now. Integrating the solution into our existing infrastructure was very easy and it quickly reduced the workload of the Exchange Server. While my colleagues admire the excellent search function, I appreciate how little maintenance effort is needed, and how so far I have been able to execute every update with just a few mouse clicks. The software is great value for money.”
Andreas Breuer, Head of IT
ZWP Ingenieur
“By archiving our emails with MailStore we were able to switch from old server to new server – without an extensive migration process for a large number of mailboxes. Our users are now able to access their old emails via MailStore and there was no need to burden the new server with loads of old emails.”
Takahiro Shima
Yahoo! JAPAN
“I have only great things to say about MailStore. I would recommend its email archiving solution to any organization. It’s simplicity of setup, ease of configuration require minimal administration and make MailStore Server an excellent archiving solution.”
Michael Shellito, District Systems Administrator
Enid Public Schools
“We looked at bigger solutions and smaller solutions but found MailStore to be a perfect fit. At end of the free trial to “kick the tires” we were confident that MailStore was reliable and the right solution. Testing with our Hosted Exchange provider was straight forward and worked great. The Outlook plug-in ROCKS! The intersection of just the right functionality versus cost made MailStore the right solution for our small but growing company.”
Michael Benson, IT/RIS/PACS Director
Marquis Diagnostic Imaging
“Congrats on a great product! I have a ton of email: Over 268,000 emails! By using Mailstore […] I have a searchable database of all our email that is updated every night. I host my email on Gmail and MailStore gives me superior searching in that I can search through both of our email accounts simultaneously with greater granularity (and, speed!) than is possible with Gmail.”
Ken Williams,
Game Programmer, Founder of Sierra On-Line, Inc. and Blogger

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