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MailStore Gateway

Free email server and proxy functionality for the MailStore Server and MailStore Service Provider Edition email archiving solutions.

Productbox - MailStore Gateway

Journaling & Proxy Functionality

Free mail server and proxy functionality for the MailStore Server and MailStore Service Provider Edition (SPE) email archiving solutions. MailStore Gateway is equipped with SMTP and POP3 proxy functionality. The tool comes with basic mail server functions for receiving and storing emails from Microsoft 365, Google Workspace and other email servers that are capable of sending emails to external archiving solutions via SMTP. MailStore Gateway lets you configure and manage secure mailboxes as the target for journal and archiving rules – simply and effectively.

MailStore Gateway Performance Features

In addition to SMTP and POP3 proxy functions, MailStore Gateway provides a rudimentary email server that allows emails from cloud services such as Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace, or other email servers, to be archived. Third-party, external journal mailboxes that were previously necessary are now a thing of the past.
Mail server functionality
Mail server functionality
SMTP server for retrieving emails from other email servers (e.g. Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, etc.)
Proxy functionality
Proxy functionality
MailStore Gateway can serve as an SMTP and POP3 proxy for creating copies of any emails exchanged between email clients and servers
POP3 server
POP3 server
A POP3 server that allows MailStore Server and the MailStore SPE to archive emails via a standardized email transmission protocol in MailStore Gateway
Strong password protection, unencrypted connections not supported, strong encryption of stored data, no access to data without the mailbox password
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If you have any questions about MailStore Gateway, on how it works or how to use MailStore Server or the MailStore SPE, we would be happy to give you advice. Contact us on +1 (800) 747 - 2915 or send an email to [email protected].

Do You Have Any Questions?

Use Cases

You can use MailStore Gateway with our MailStore Server or MailStore SPE email archiving solutions. MailStore Gateway is designed to address the following two application scenarios:

MailStore Gateway as a server
In this scenario, MailStore Gateway functions as a journaling or archiving target for other email servers, which themselves create copies of all emails sent or received.

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MailStore Gateway as a proxy
Here, MailStore Gateway functions as an SMTP and POP3 proxy that records all SMTP and POP3 traffic passing between email clients and email servers.

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The MailStore Gateway used as a server

MailStore Gateway as a Server

Many email servers provide the option of creating copies of incoming and outgoing emails for archiving purposes. But whereas local email servers usually allow these copies to be delivered to local mailboxes, this is not feasible with most cloud-based services (Microsoft 365, Google Workspace) for technical or licensing reasons. Instead, external mailboxes are required to function as the target for journal or archiving rules. MailStore Gateway offers a rudimentary mail-server function that allows emails to be received and then archived. This gives customers using cloud services a straightforward option for archiving journal emails without the need for third-party mailboxes.

MailStore Gateway as a Proxy

Often, smaller businesses do not have their own email server, or they use email services that do not support journal or archiving rules. Companies like these can use a combination of POP3 and SMTP on their email clients to receive and send emails. So that all incoming and outgoing emails can be archived in such cases, MailStore Gateway can record communications between the email client and the email server – effectively acting as an email proxy.

The MailStore Gateway used as a proxy

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MailStore Gateway is a supplementary tool for use with the MailStore Server and MailStore Service Provider email archiving solutions.

  • Journaling & proxy functionality
  • Works with Microsoft 365 & Google Workspace
  • Built-in security
Productbox MailStore Gateway