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Smart Email Migration with MailStore Server

Companies gain access to numerous economic, technical, and legal advantages through the use of MailStore Server. This includes protection against data loss, relief for email servers, backup of PST files, compliance with legal requirements, and an increase in employee efficiency through fast access to the search results of all emails.

Another, even more obvious advantage of the solution is that it supports email migration scenarios. MailStore Server allows a completely new migration concept – one that is being used by more and more businesses.

The principle is very simple: Instead of migrating existing emails to the new system, which takes a lot of time and effort, they can be simply transferred to the archive. Users can continue to access their emails from a familiar working environment such as Microsoft Outlook. This means that complex migration processes are no longer necessary, and the new email server can operate without the extra burden of legacy data.

simplified migration process thanks to Mailstore Server

“By archiving our emails with MailStore we were able to switch from old server to new server – without an extensive migration process for a large number of mailboxes. Our users are now able to access their old emails via MailStore and there was no need to burden the new server with loads of old emails,” explains Takahiro Shima from Yahoo! JAPAN.

Learn more about MailStore Server and test the solution for 30 days free of charge and without any obligation.

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