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How MailStore Defines Top-Rate Support


Even though our MailStore solutions are easy to use and prove to be very stable thanks to extensive market testing, we still demand of ourselves that our customers receive the best technical support possible. For us at MailStore this means

  • that support is provided only by the most qualified team of employees,
  • and that no external call center is involved.
  • Support personnel are working in the U.S. and Canada – along with our staff at corporate headquarters in Germany.
  • Even before a purchase is made, technical support is fully available to our customers via phone, email, or live chat.
  • We work with response times that are generally far shorter than those defined in the support services.
  • We not only see ourselves as problem solvers, but also provide our customers with in-depth support during implementation planning.
  • We are happy to assist every customer, regardless of the number of licenses they need.

To give you even a better impression of the technical support we offer, we would like to introduce you to the people who make it happen. Read the interviews with our staff members Daniel Weuthen, Lars Talaschus, Dave Warren,  and Björn Meyn.

Please Note

The support team is headed by Christian Mussmann as Director of Technical Support meanwhile. Daniel Weuthen heads the software development department as Director of Engineering. In which Björn Meyn works as Senior Systems Engineer and Lars Godesberg (formerly Talaschus) as Systems Engineer. Despite these personnel changes within the last four years, our claim to provide top-rate support remains.

All the many options for getting in direct contact with our support service team are listed on our official support page.

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