Support Overview

Technical Support

Technical support at MailStore is provided exclusively by qualified IT experts who handle cases within extremely short response times. We are here for you!

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Technical Support at MailStore

Do you need support during your test phase? Are you already a customer and have a technical problem? Are you looking for more technical information or detailed instructions? You are in the right place.
Our Knowledge section contains a comprehensive range of support information for all of our products – everything from introductory articles to knowledgebase articles and to detailed instructions for specific application scenarios. Trial versions and other free tools can be found in the Downloads section. Our resellers and service providers can get in touch with us via Partners.

Excellent support for our customers

We value customer feedback, so we ask our customers about their service experience satisfaction once a support case has been resolved. Here are our most recent results:

Overall Customer Satisfaction


93.4 percent of our customers rate their overall customer satisfaction with “satisfied” or “very satisfied”.

Expertise and Experience


96.3 percent of our customers rate our support staff’s expertise and experience as “satisfied” or “very satisfied”.

Time to Resolve Support Case


91.0 percent of our customers are “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with the time it took to resolve their support case.

The average response rate to our survey is at 16 percent. The figures above show the percentage of “satisfied” or “very satisfied” customers in the first quarter of 2021.