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Need to Migrate Your Emails to Microsoft 365? MailStore Server Can Make It Happen!

The Greek philosopher Heraclitus is quoted as saying that the only constant in life is change, and it’s a truism that applies even more so today in the fast-moving world of IT. Nevertheless, while other IT systems have long since disappeared from the scene, a good number of MailStore customers have been using our email archiving software for many years.


Read on to Learn Why Indianapolis International Airport Has Trusted in Mailstore for Over 10 Years

One such example is Indianapolis International Airport. In 2011, MailStore Server was installed as the email archiving solution there, replacing another vendor’s solution which the customer was no longer happy with. Our software is still being used on a daily basis, as reliable as ever, and providing valuable support when it comes to managing business-relevant projects. Due to a change in archiving strategy from mailbox archiving to journal archiving, all Microsoft 365 emails are now archived the moment they are received or sent. Our archiving solution also helped when the customer needed to migrate email archives from the old Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 system to Microsoft 365 (formerly known as Microsoft Office 365).

This blog article shows why Indianapolis International Airport has trusted in MailStore Server for over a decade, and how the customer continues to benefit from the email archiving solution. You’ll find answers to the following questions:

Why MailStore Server Replaced the Previous Email Archiving Solution

Indianapolis International Airport had been using another vendor’s archiving solution. However, as this product was considered both unreliable and difficult to use, an alternative was sought. After an intensive period of evaluation in which other email archiving solutions were looked at, a decision was made in 2011 to install the MailStore Server email archiving solution.

The reasons cited were the low cost of purchase, modest system requirements, along with intuitive handling and seamless integration in the existing infrastructure. MailStore Server put on a convincing display during the test phase, too, which was completely friction-free thanks to the ultra-responsive MailStore support team and the availability of comprehensive documentation.

Choosing and Deploying an Archiving Strategy

Over the years, Indianapolis International Airport had employed various strategic approaches to email archiving. In the beginning, they opted for mailbox archiving, a few years later switching to journal archiving (journaling).

Initially, with mailbox archiving, all the emails were extracted from the users’ mailboxes at regular intervals and then archived. Indianapolis International Airport also defined delete rules for all its archived emails in order to take the strain off the email server. This not only allowed backup and restore processes to be optimized, but also eliminated mailbox quotas which had led to some employees resorting to PST files in the past. Installing MailStore Server meant that decentralized, error-prone PST files could be transferred to the central archive. The emails were then accessed directly from the archive.

In the meantime, Indianapolis International Airport has switched to journal archiving. In order to prevent data loss and ensure that legal requirements on the availability and security of business-critical data are complied with, all emails are now copied straight to the archiving system the moment they arrive at or depart from the server.

Using MailStore Server’s Search Function

However, the switch from mailbox archiving to journaling meant that the users’ customary folder structures were no longer mapped to the archive. But this wasn’t a problem for the users at Indianapolis International Airport because they could rely on MailStore Server’s powerful search function to retrieve specific emails from the archive whenever necessary.

In this case, the archive is accessed either via the integrated Outlook Add-in, the Web Access functionality, or the installed MailStore Client. The latter is linked to the respective user’s desktop and grants access to the MailStore Server archive. So far, users have not experienced problems when running internal archive searches.

Migrating Emails to Microsoft 365 With MailStore Server

5 years ago, Indianapolis International Airport decided to migrate from Microsoft Exchange 2010 to Microsoft 365. Thanks to MailStore Server, the process of migrating emails was greatly simplified. Instead of relocating all the mailboxes and all the emails from the previous Microsoft Exchange 2010 environment to the new email system, the emails were simply moved straight to the central archive. This meant that Microsoft 365 could be rolled out free of ballast from the historical mail inventory. If employees ever need to access historical emails or locate an old email attachment, they can do so using the above-mentioned options directly via the archive.


The example of Indianapolis International Airport shows that MailStore Server is a proven and durable email archiving system for long-term deployment. The solution’s system requirements are low, it is cost-effective, and it is reliable when deployed in different scenarios. That is why MailStore Server has been in use at Indianapolis International Airport for more than ten years. In our case study, you’ll find out more about how MailStore Server is used at Indianapolis International Airport and get to know the task areas in which the email archiving software has been able to help.

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