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Indianapolis International Airport

MailStore Implemented at Indianapolis International Airport

MailStore Server Case Study

Opened in 1931, Indianapolis International Airport is the largest airport in the U.S. state of Indiana and the world’s second busiest hub for the aircraft of the logistics company FedEx.

In 2019 (the last year before operational restrictions came into force due to the pandemic), the airport safely and efficiently handled 9,537,377 passengers and 1,010,825 tonnes of air cargo. In 2011, the airport decided to install MailStore Server.

MailStore Case Study Indianapolis Airport Authority

In this case study, Richard Edwards, IT Infrastructure & Security Manager at Indianapolis International Airport, explains why the airport opted to replace its previous email archiving solution with MailStore Server more than ten years ago, and what practical experience has been gained with the product in the ensuing years (including migration from Exchange 2010 to Microsoft 365).

Over Ten Years Ago, the Existing Email Archiving Solution Was Replaced With MailStore Server

Indianapolis International Airport had been using another vendor’s archiving solution, which Richard Edwards described as being costly, complicated, and unreliable.

For these reasons, it was decided to look at different alternatives, including cloud services, during an intensive period of evaluation. And, in 2011, the decision was made in favor of MailStore Server. According to Edwards, the reasons were the low cost of purchase, modest system requirements, along with intuitive handling and seamless integration in the existing infrastructure. What’s more, a highly qualified, rapid-response support crew plus excellent documentation made for an absolutely friction-free test phase, recalls Edwards. Just recently, the Update & Support Service has been renewed for 525 user licenses.

Different Strategic Approaches to Email Archiving

Thanks to MailStore Server, Indianapolis International Airport has been enjoying almost all the benefits of modern email archiving for ten years now.

Shortly after the archiving solution had been rolled out, the airport’s emails were extracted from the PST files that had accumulated over the years and then swapped out to a central email archive in order to permanently reduce dependency on PST files. The solution was then configured for mailbox archiving, which archived the emails from the mailboxes after 60 days. Depending on the user group, predefined delete rules then removed the previously archived emails from the email server 60 to 120 days later. These emails could then be retrieved from the archive as required. This meant that mailbox quotas could be eliminated, and backup and restore processes optimized.

In the meantime, Indianapolis International Airport has revised its strategic archiving approach and switched to journaling. In order to prevent data loss and ensure that legal requirements governing the availability and security of business-critical data are complied with (archived data must be complete, permanently available, faithful to the original and tamper-proof), all incoming and outgoing emails are now archived as soon as they reach or leave the server. Although the switch from mailbox archiving to journaling meant that the customary folder structure was no longer mapped and accessible in the archive, this wasn’t a problem for the users.

Fast Search Options for Users

This is because, at Indianapolis International Airport, users can rely on MailStore Server’s powerful search functions available via MailStore Client, the MailStore Outlook add-in and MailStore Web Access. All these options provide users with rapid, full-text search functions that allow email content and any file attachments to be pinpointed quickly.

In recent years, this has made it possible to carry out both generalized and legally required archive searches efficiently and with little effort, without interrupting ongoing business.

Successful Migration From Exchange 2010 to Microsoft 365 With MailStore Server

MailStore Server is currently being used in a Microsoft 365 environment. But it was originally used as an archiving solution for Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 based on Windows Server 2008; the system was migrated to Microsoft 365 five years ago, and here too, MailStore Server assisted in the process. Thanks to MailStore Server, users have no problem in accessing their archived emails, even with the new cloud-based email service.

Interview With Richard Edwards, IT Infrastructure & Security Manager, on the Costs of Purchase, Downtime and Storage Requirements With MailStore Server

How Do You Rate MailStore Server in Terms of Purchase Costs?

MailStore Server is extremely cost-effective. The manufacturers are offering a great product at a fair price. Also, the overall costs are kept low through the minimal requirements in hardware.

What Was the Biggest Problem You Were Able to Solve With MailStore Server?

Before MailStore Server, we’d been using another vendor’s solution to archive our emails. However, it was neither reliable nor particularly stable, among many other drawbacks. Thanks to MailStore Server, we’ve switched to an email archiving system that has simply kept on working for ten years now.

How Was MailStore Server Received by the Users When It Was Implemented Ten Years Ago?

Just a few minutes after it had been installed, we were in a position to archive our first emails. Our old archiving solution was very expensive, complicated, heavy on resources, and unreliable. MailStore Server ran without a hitch and with no interruptions; it was a welcome change.

MailStore Server allows us, as an IT department, to offer our users a stable, reliable platform that produces highly accurate results when searching for emails.

You’ve Been Running MailStore for Ten Years Now. How Would You Rate the Archiving Solution During This Time?

MailStore has done a great job in keeping pace with the changes that have taken place in IT over the years. MailStore is a lean, efficient, robust, and reliable email archiving solution. Apart from updates, MailStore has been running for ten years with only minimal downtime and interruptions. Since 2011, the system has failed just once and that was due to the access service being interrupted. MailStore also has an excellent compression rate that makes efficient use of the available storage space.


“Mailstore Server has proven to be a good archiving product. It’s reliable, low-maintenance, just keeps on delivering the goods. It’s an ideal product for lean IT teams”
says Richard Edwards.

Project Overview

Industry Transport
Headquarters Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
Primary requirements
  • Comply with legal requirements
  • Protect against data loss
  • Fast searching of all emails
Implemented in September 2011
Number of licensed users 525
Email infrastructure in use Microsoft 365 (previously, Microsoft Exchange Server 2010)

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