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MailStore Server Competitive Upgrade

Switch and Save

There are plenty of reasons to choose MailStore Server, so we decided to present customers who already use an email archiving solution from another company with an attractive offer. We are offering a special, one-time discount of 50 percent to first-time customers of MailStore Server if they purchase and install it to replace a competitor’s product.

How Does Switching Benefit You?

Unlike other companies, MailStore specializes exclusively in the development of email archiving
solutions. The company and its employees focus all of their energy on the ongoing improvement and
upgrading of MailStore’s products.

  • More than 100,000 companies of all sizes across all sectors rely on MailStore Server
  • Integrated storage technology for any number of users or any volume of data
  • For virtually all email systems and archiving methods
  • Fast and easy access for end users, even on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones
  • Low costs, minimal system requirements, and intuitive to use
  • Versatile export function guarantees independence over the long term, even from MailStore


  • Every license for an email archiving solution from another company qualifies the license holder
    for a competitive upgrade.
  • Licenses for backup solutions or integrated archiving modules (for example, from email servers) do not qualify the license holder for a competitive upgrade.
  • With the competitive upgrade, the purchase of MailStore Server includes a maximum of one year of update and support services. Additional years can be purchased as usual after the upgrade.
  • MailStore Server must be licensed for the same number of users as the original solution. However, you can purchase additional licenses at any time after the upgrade.
  • The maintenance contract for the original solution cannot have expired more than six months ago.
  • The purchase date of the original solution must date back at least six months.


Please contact us and include a copy of your proof of license. We will then provide you with an individual quote.

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