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The First Days at MailStore – Good Onboarding for a Successful Start

MaiLStore employees enjoying cake during break“The moment a new employee signs up to work for MailStore, the onboarding phase begins,” says Charlot Dams, HR Specialist at MailStore in Viersen. She also emphasizes that transparency, dialog on equal terms, and prompt feedback are important factors for the HR team – even during the application process. Personal contact is the “ne plus ultra” during the application process, not just after the employment contract is signed and sealed. It’s the stage during which spontaneous questions may arise or the applicant may still be harboring doubts as to whether a change of workplace is the right move. “As a mid-sized employer with our US parent Carbonite behind us, we’re really lucky to be able to create flexible processes and cater to the needs of our new employees,” says Charlot Dams. She stresses that the impression the company makes on an applicant is already taking shape during the application process. “We like to take new colleagues by the hand and build a personal relationship even before they sign up so that they get a feel for the special social climate here at MailStore,” emphasizes Charlot Dams. Larissa Wiegand, Product Marketing Specialist at MailStore, remembers the time well: “I found it both unusual and really positive that even during the application phase, I was not only given the opportunity to meet up with my future line manager and team colleagues, but also got to know the CEO in person. So I was able to get an impression of the company and its leadership culture right from the get-go.”

The First Day at Work is Drawing Near: There’s Lots to Do

With the employment documents signed and the new recruit’s first day at work approaching fast, the crucial phase of onboarding begins for the HR department: a welcome pack with important work materials (e.g. a MailStore coffee cup and the popular MailStore gym sack?) is put together, the IT department sets up the new workplace, and colleagues learn about the latest member of the MailStore family soon to set foot in the offices in Viersen for the first time as an employee. That this engenders a crucial feel-good factor is corroborated by Christian Lange, Channel Marketing Manager at MailStore: “I felt at home at MailStore from the very first day. Not only was the application process tailored to my needs, I was also never made to feel like the “new kid on the block” who was being watched all the time. I quickly felt welcome as a fully-fledged member of the team.”

Day 1 Begins with a Coffee

For the new colleague, the first day at work usually begins at 9:30 a.m. with an official welcome from the HR department and a chat over coffee. After the usual organizational matters such as handing over keys and exchanging personnel documents have been dealt with, a comprehensive tour of the MailStore premises begins, culminating in the new employee being “handed over” to the head of the respective department. Lunch with “pizza on the house” provides adequate opportunity to forge initial personal contacts. “I’d already met a few colleagues at the MailStore summer party to which I’d been invited before my official start. But having lunch together on the first day made it really easy for me to establish contact with people right from the start – even with colleagues from outside my team,” says Larissa Wiegand.

Onboarding Encourages Independence and Initiative

MailStore employees at the newsboardTogether with the welcome package, new employees are presented with an onboarding plan to help familiarize them with their new field of work. The plan includes a cordial invitation for the new employee to make appointments with key contacts in the company so that the different fields of activity and departments can be explained in person. Christian Lange: “It really helped me find my way around the company. Knowing who I could turn to if I had any questions and the realization that all these contacts were ready and waiting for my call was a measure of how well-prepared the company was for my first weeks at work.” This approach also encourages new employees to be independent and show initiative.

MailStore Employees are a Loyal Bunch

xbox room playing fifa smilingWhen asked whether she believes MailStore is on the right track with its focus on accessibility, appreciation, and personal contact, Charlot Dams reckons that the figures speak for themselves: “The company has seen tremendous growth in recent years. That said, over 20 percent of the current workforce has been with us since the early years”. She believes that a shrewd onboarding process has benefits for both the employees and the company: “First impressions really matter! And especially given the lack of qualified personnel in the market, it’s essential that we give our highly qualified recruits the perfect start in the form of a solid induction phase that is both amicable and well-organized.” In this way, employees can rapidly invest their skill-sets, operate independently, and ensure that MailStore continues to grow and new staff continue to benefit from MailStore’s unique onboarding process.

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