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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About…Licensing MailStore Server – Part Two

wordcloud-license-enOur customer service employees are happy to answer your questions about our licensing model each day. Existing and potential customers ask us a variety of questions that we would like to address in a three-part series of blog entries. Our licensing model expert is Anna Godesberg, Key Account Manager for MailStore Server customers at MailStore. Below, Anna has listed some of the questions that she is asked most frequently. Part Two of this series covers the costs of support services:

The price list includes prices for both Standard and Premium levels. What’s the difference?

The difference is purely down to the type of support service that you receive. The software itself is always the same. The main difference between the two types of support is that when you have Premium support, your queries are handled with top priority, and you have access to telephone support. When you have a Standard support agreement, you receive technical support via email.

Can I change my support level?

Yes, you can upgrade from Standard to Premium support during your support period. Naturally, you can also downgrade from a Premium to a Standard support agreement after the period has expired. If you terminate the support agreement before the period has expired, we will unfortunately be unable to refund any of the fees that you have already paid.

Can I continue to use the software and add users even if I don’t extend the support agreement?

Of course, the software will continue to run even without a valid support agreement. Only the update and support services expire; you can still continue to use the software itself. However, we recommend that you maintain support agreement coverage to guarantee compatibility with other programs. You cannot purchase additional licenses without a valid service agreement. As a rule, we do not sell our software without support. If your agreement has expired and you want to expand your installation, you need to start by purchasing an upgrade, which involves renewing the support agreement. Once you have done this, you can continue to add users.

Are longer support periods also available?

Yes, we offer support agreements that last for up to three years.

How much do extensions cost, and what would it cost to upgrade at a later time?

A one-year extension to the Standard update and support agreement costs approximately 23 percent of the original price of the agreement. A one-year extension to a Premium support agreement costs approximately 39 percent of the original cost of the agreement. Upgrading at a later time costs around 70 percent of the original cost of the agreement, and is therefore considerably more expensive.

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