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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About… Licensing MailStore Server – Part Three

wordcloud-license-enOur customer service is happy to answer your questions about our licensing model each day. Existing and potential customers ask us a variety of questions that we would like to address in a three-part series of blog entries. Our licensing model expert is Anna Godesberg, Key Account Manager for MailStore Server customers at MailStore. Below, Anna has listed some of the questions that she is asked most frequently. The final part of this series covers miscellaneous questions:

Does the archiving software inform me when my support agreement is about to expire?

We send three reminders along with an offer to extend the agreement. Therefore, no support agreements should expire unnoticed. There are no reminders in the software itself.

Can I update to a newer version even if my support agreement has already expired?

Yes, you can always upgrade to the most recent version that was released before your service agreement expired. An overview of all versions is available at: https://www.mailstore.com/de/produkte/mailstore-server/changelog/

Can I still use MailStore Server even if my computer is not always connected to the Internet?

Yes – to do so, please create a file using our licensing portal and download it here: https://my.mailstore.com/SoftwareActivation

Is there a Mac or Linux version of MailStore?

Unfortunately, we don’t currently develop MailStore products for Mac or Linux or plan to provide native support for operating systems other than Microsoft Windows.  The main reason for this is the programming language we use; since MailStore is programmed in .NET, it requires .NET Framework. It has not proven feasible to operate MailStore as a mono project for other operating systems. You could implement a virtual Windows instance in which you operate the MailStore Server.

Does MailStore also archive calendar data and contacts?

No, MailStore is purely an email archiving solution that enables legally-compliant archiving in accordance with the German Principles Regarding the Proper Keeping and Preservation of Books, Records, and Documents in Electronic Format and Regarding Data Access. Calendar entries and contacts are not archived.

We answered many more questions in the first and second parts of this series. We have also answered additional questions in the FAQ section of our website.

If you have any questions about prices or special offers, please contact: [email protected]