• Why Archive Emails?

    Have you ever wondered why you should archive emails?
    Then find out more about email archiving in our video with Mary and Thomas!

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  • Whitepaper "The Benefits of Third Party Email-Archiving for Businesses Using Office 365"

    White Paper: Archiving Emails in Microsoft Office 365

    While Microsoft Office 365 is a powerful platform, SMBs should take good care to preserve and keep their emails available. This free white paper from market research firm Osterman Research provides you with a thorough overview of the email archiving options for SMBs that are using Microsoft Office 365.

  • MailStore Server Version 12

    The Standard in Email Archiving – now in Version 12

    MailStore Server is one of the world’s leading solutions for email archiving, management and compliance for small and medium-sized businesses. Trusted by over 60,000 organizations in 100 countries.

  • MailStore SPE Box

    MailStore SPE: Email Archiving Software for Providers

    Service providers will be able to broaden their portfolio and offer their customers all the advantages of modern email archiving as a service thanks to MailStore Service Provider Edition.

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