What’s New in MailStore Gateway

MailStore Gateway 1.2.2


  • Fixed Update of embedded .NET Core version to 2.1.28.

MailStore Gateway 1.2.1


  • Improved Support more than one target mailbox (RCPT-TO) per mail in SMTP server mode.

MailStore Gateway 1.2


  • Improved Mailbox overview displays number of messages that currently exist in a mailbox.
  • Improved Deletion of non-empty mailboxes can be enforced.
  • Improved TCP Port of Management Web Interface can be changed via configuration tool.
  • Improved Clicking on the certificate name in the configuration tool shows the certificate details.

MailStore Gateway 1.1


  • Fixed Update of embedded .NET Core version to 2.1.

MailStore Gateway 1.0


  • New Initial release of MailStore Gateway