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What’s New in MailStore Gateway

MailStore Gateway 24.2


  • Improved The mailbox overview can be refreshed manually.
  • Improved Stricter validation of the e-mail domain in the configuration tool
  • Fixed Various minor bug fixes and improvements.

MailStore Gateway 23.2


  • New Both Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022 are supported operating systems.
  • Improved The MailStore logo shows the "by opentext" suffix.
  • Fixed Expiration of Let's Encrypt certificates is only checked on service start, certificates may not get renewed on time.
  • Fixed Bump copyright to 2023.

MailStore Gateway 22.1


  • Note The version number of this release follows the new standardized MailStore version numbers, reflecting the quarter the product was released in.
  • New Support for Let's Encrypt certificates. MailStore Gateway supports the admin to initially request and setup Let's Encrypt certificates and will take care of the renewal process every 60 days. Let's Encrypt support has been integrated into the Installer and the MailStore Gateway Service Configuration Tool.
  • Improved MailStore Gateway now uses the latest .NET version.
  • Improved The used framework is not redistributed with MailStore Gateway anymore. It will be downloaded on demand.
  • Improved The .NET version used by MailStore Gateway can now be updated by administrators themselves.
  • Improved MailStore Gateway now always heeds the system settings for TLS/SSL connections.
  • Fixed There is a security vulnerability because of an erroneous registration of the MailStore Gateway Service. The vulnerability allows for programs to be executed with system privileges.

MailStore Gateway 1.2.2


  • Fixed Update of embedded .NET Core version to 2.1.28.

MailStore Gateway 1.2.1


  • Improved Support more than one target mailbox (RCPT-TO) per mail in SMTP server mode.

MailStore Gateway 1.2


  • Improved Mailbox overview displays number of messages that currently exist in a mailbox.
  • Improved Deletion of non-empty mailboxes can be enforced.
  • Improved TCP Port of Management Web Interface can be changed via configuration tool.
  • Improved Clicking on the certificate name in the configuration tool shows the certificate details.

MailStore Gateway 1.1


  • Fixed Update of embedded .NET Core version to 2.1.

MailStore Gateway 1.0


  • New Initial release of MailStore Gateway