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Engineering Firm Uses Email Archiving to Protect Email Data

Email has become a critical factor for companies in the digital age. As well as being a means of daily communication, email is used to exchange important information and documents, while also facilitating collaboration both within the company and with clients. However, exploiting email as an information resource effectively can pose a major challenge that must be overcome in order to drive forward the success of a business.

The Italian engineering firm LA SIA, which serves as a point of reference for major international industrial groups, has already faced this challenge. An expanding company with a growing workforce, LA SIA now operates in 8 locations in Italy. Besides the usual communications with industrial clients, the engineering firm has to deal with a very high volume of emails every day due to a constant need for specialized technical support in the fields of architecture, engineering and building construction.

Elimination of Information Silos and Creation of a Centralized Information Resource Through Email Archiving With MailStore Server

Previously, the burgeoning email inventories comprising important technical documents, as well as contracts, plans and agreements, had been backed up independently by employees who would make copies of the emails and save them locally via IMAP. However, missing privileges (access rights) meant that important email data were often inaccessible to managers and other staff if an employee happened to be on annual leave, absent through illness, or had left the company altogether.

LA SIA called on IT service provider Sensible Data to find a solution to this problem and create a central information resource with flexible privileges that would eliminate the need for data silos once and for all. Sensible Data decided to implement MailStore Server with the aim of copying all email inventories to a central archive using the mailbox archiving method, thus eliminating the need for information silos. Email data backed up locally on employees’ computers have become a thing of the past. And emails received and sent on a daily basis are transferred directly to the archive via journal archiving. Data manipulation and data loss are effectively ruled out, and the seamless documentation of all email correspondence guaranteed.

Business-relevant email data are not only permanently safeguarded in the archive and protected against manipulation, they are also available and retrievable at all times thanks to flexible privileges. Important data can now be searched for and retrieved quickly and simply using MailStore’s Outlook Add-in, MailStore Web Access and the MailStore Client.

Email Archiving Takes the Strain off the IT Infrastructure

Once transferred to the central archive, emails can be deleted from employees’ mailboxes, thus reducing the amount of storage space needed and making overflowing mailboxes and cumbersome PST files a thing of the past. The load on the email infrastructure is reduced perceptibly. Moreover, backup and restore processes now take much less time, even when several servers are involved.

Takeaways: Email Archiving With MailStore Server Allows Data Held in Emails to Be Put to Effective Use in the Interest of Business Success

LA SIA recognized that emails are a valuable information resource for the company. As such, they need to be protected and used efficiently in the interest of business success. Data silos and lack of access to distributed email data can put the brakes on any company’s business operations. As well as eliminating this problem, a professional email archiving solution can provide benefits above and beyond the efficient use of business-critical email data, such as a reduction in the amount of storage required by the email server and faster backup and restore times.

For more information on email archiving at LA SIA, please refer to our Case Study.

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