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Email Archiving With MailStore Server at LA SIA S.p.A.

LA SIA is an engineering firm operating from eight locations throughout Italy and employing, in the main, architects and engineers who work in the areas of structural, mechanical, electrical and telecommunications engineering. Its clients include international industrial groups and, for this reason, LA SIA has a constant need for specialized technical support in the fields of architecture, engineering and building construction when planning new industrial sites or expanding existing ones.

Data Silos and Inflexible Privileges Hamper Business

An expanding company with rising email volumes, LA SIA increasingly encountered the problem that specific information contained in emails became inaccessible as soon as an employee was unavailable due to illness or annual leave, or had left the company altogether. This inevitably resulted in delays and a slowing of business activity due to managers and other staff not having the privileges (access rights) to certain email accounts, coupled with workers making copies of important emails and saving them locally via IMAP. Over time, this common practice resulted in the creation of numerous ineffective data silos. Particularly with regard to staff turnover, managers at LA SIA were repeatedly faced with the challenge of how to access information contained in the emails of former employees.

Efficient Email Management With MailStore Server

Tasked with solving the problem of data silos and privileges, IT service provider Sensible Data implemented MailStore Server to preserve important information contained in emails, such as agreements, technical documents and contracts, and create a central information resource that would be accessible at all times. First, all the company’s email inventories including locally distributed email data were copied to the MailStore Server archive using the mailbox archiving method, and the information silos eliminated. Then, a journal archiving process was configured to allow emails sent and received on a daily basis to be transferred directly to the archive as well. Flexible access rights and self-service options mean that all data in emails are now permanently available, even when an employee leaves the company. The goal of efficient email management has been achieved.

Reducing the Load on the Email Infrastructure

The central archive can store email data securely over any length of time. Also, journal archiving prevents emails from being manipulated or lost, while reducing the amount of space needed for mail as emails that have already been archived are deleted from employees’ mailboxes. Once archived, the emails can be accessed quickly and intuitively by employees themselves using the Outlook add-in, MailStore Server Client or Web Access. A clear reduction in the overall load on the email infrastructure has been noted. A positive side-effect is that backup and restore processes at LA SIA now take less time and can be performed more quickly, even when several servers are involved in the process.

„Email is where the collaboration between colleagues, customers and suppliers takes place. Centralized email archiving with MailStore Server means we no longer lose information created by employees who have left the company, so we can secure their valuable contributions for all time.”
Simone Scarinci, General Services Purchasing Manager at LA SIA
„MailStore Server brilliantly solves email storage and retrieval needs, proving to be a winner even in the face of natively integrated solutions such as Microsoft 365 online archives.”
Roberto Groppi, Tech Support Specialist at Sensible Data

Test Phase

Project Leader Simone Scarinci, General Services Purchasing Manager
  • Efficiently leverage information from email by eliminating data silos and inflexible access rights to email accounts.
Decision Key arguments in favor of implementing MailStore Server as the email archiving solution:

  • Secure the email inventory of employees who have left the company
  • Easy retrieval of historical emails in the archive
  • Flexible configurable access rights for the archive

Live use

Implementation date As of January 2019
Number of licensed users 175
User administration Synchronization with the Active Directory.
Archiving method First, mailbox archiving to secure old email inventories. Then, journal archiving to prevent data loss and create seamless archives.
End-user access
  • MailStore Outlook Add-in
  • MailStore Web Access
  • MailStore Client

About LA SIA S.p.A.

LA SIA is an engineering company serving large Italian industrial groups operating in domestic and foreign markets, with a constant need for specialized technical support in the fields of architecture, engineering and plant construction.

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About Sensible Data S.p.A.

Sensible Data was founded in Rome at the beginning of 1996 with the aim of creating a new company capable of offering services and consultancy in the use of information technology and telecommunications.

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