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MailStore 10.2 Release Day

Release Day for MailStore 10.2: Bringing User Experience and Security to a new Level

We have news for you! We just released version 10.2 of our software. MailStore Server and the MailStore Service Provider Edition (SPE) now offer Web Access featuring a responsive design as part of the company’s continued efforts to further enhance the security features and user-friendliness of version 10. IT administrators can now access status reports in the MailStore SPE like they can in MailStore Server. In addition to other improvements, there is one option that stands out: the digitally signed export of archives. It is also available in the update for MailStore Home. And if all this were not enough, MailStore Home now offers a context-sensitive help feature. It will immediately direct you to the appropriate section in the Help menu.

Going mobile at work: Web Access with responsive design

More and more people are going mobile at work. For this reason, we have enhanced both MailStore Server and the MailStore SPE with Web Access featuring a responsive design. This move greatly improves user-friendliness because archived emails can now be accessed far more easily from any user device via a standard browser, regardless of the device’s operating system and display size. Furthermore, the functionality has been enhanced compared to the previous version of Web Access. It now enables users with a mobile device to move or even delete emails within the archive, depending on their specific permissions. This means that users on mobile devices can take full advantage of the functions offered by the Web interface. This further development is the first stepping stone in a number of additional enhancements awaiting users in the next development cycles. There is more to come!

Compliance feature: digitally signed exports

The new version of all three MailStore products now enables users to add a digital signature to emails that are exported from an archive. It provides information on whether or not an email was modified during a migration. This feature represents continuous development of the compliance features. For example, it enables auditors to quickly establish the fact that an email was archived and migrated with no changes – in accordance with legal requirements – as part of a company’s audit. The digital signature is a cryptographic means to ensure that an email from a protected archive remains unchanged after being exported. Remember, depending on specific laws or industry regulations in many countries and states all over the world, archived emails need to be retained in a tamper-proof manner and remain available at all times within a given time frame.

Daniel Weuthen, Director of Engineering at MailStore, states, “Companies that use MailStore for their email archiving needs will be confident that the email remains unchanged after it has been exported from the archive and transferred to an external hard drive, thanks to the expansion of the compliance features with the digitally signed export. Therefore, it is possible to use MailStore 10.2 to document the fact that an email was not altered during a migration scenario and that the company can be compliant with specific legal requirements.”

Status reports for the MailStore SPE now also available

Managed service providers and administrators can now allow daily or weekly status reports within an instance to be sent to one or more recipients starting with MailStore SPE version 10.2. These status reports contain all relevant data that the administrator requires, from licensing details through to summaries of the successful or unsuccessful execution of archiving profiles or jobs. In addition, the administrator can check the user’s dashboard to see whether the service provider of the email archiving-as-a-service has permissions for their instance.

Daniel Weuthen adds, “Our launch of version 10.2 is proof we are maintaining our course of consistently further developing our software. The number of employees working for SMEs who utilize various devices and operating systems for their work is growing, and it’s not only the traditional desktop computer they’re using. For this reason, we have improved access to the email archive that is platform-independent. These modifications to the architecture of MailStore act as a cornerstone for future developments.”

Read about the new features and minor bug fixes here:

Download a free trial version of MailStore Server here.

Learn more about the Status Reports in MailStore Service Provider Edition (SPE).

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