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Email Archiving as a Cloud Service on the Rise at SMEs

  • MailStore managed to land its 30,000th customer and can look back on a successful year.
  • Legally compliant email archiving based in the cloud is one of the IT trends for 2016

Viersen, Germany, 19 November 2015 +++ MailStore Software GmbH, the German specialist for legally compliant email archiving, can look back on a successful 2015. This year saw U.S. cloud and hybrid backup provider Carbonite take over the company. The Viersen-based team was able to increase their customer base to 30,000 companies that use MailStore Server for legally compliant email archiving in more than 100 countries.

MailStore expects further steady growth in 2016: “Our sales figures are proof that an increasing number of SMEs now recognize that they need to incorporate professional email archiving into their IT security strategy due to legal requirements. Firstly, the German ‘Principles Regarding the Proper Keeping and Preservation of Books, Records, and Documents in Electronic Format and Regarding Data Access’ (GoBD) requires companies to do this. Secondly, email remains the most important means of communication in business, is increasing in volume, and often contains business -critical information,” says Tim Berger, general manager business of MailStore.

Trend for 2016: Cloud-Based Email Archiving

Cloud-based, legally compliant email archiving is a trend at SMEs. IT service providers will be expanding their service portfolio and also offer legally compliant email archiving as part of their managed services in the future. MailStore offers IT service providers the chance to archive all of their customers’ email traffic in a legally compliant manner with the MailStore Service Provider Edition (SPE). This software is provided as a service and makes it possible to archive emails in a legally compliant manner with full availability. For example, users can also access their emails in Microsoft Outlook and search through them as quickly as possible thanks to seamless integration. The MailStore SPE is provided as a software solution that is run on the IT service provider’s servers and made available to users via the cloud.

Successful Acquisition by Carbonite

The acquisition of MailStore Software GmbH by Carbonite was officially announced at the end of 2014. Project teams have since been working on consolidating the two companies. The aim is to leverage the expertise of both companies to deliver benefits to customers. The team in Viersen is therefore currently developing a MailStore Server version adapted for the U.S. market, which is set for release in early 2016.

“The integration process has made huge strides since the takeover by Carbonite over ten months ago. It was facilitated by both companies’ strong focus on the customer and by the fact that employees on both sides are also a good match on a personal level. Once we have assumed responsibility for customer support for Carbonite backup solutions in addition to support for MailStore products, we will also increase our focus on the synergetic effects of the two technologies in the future in order to allow SMEs to achieve business continuity,” adds Tim Berger.

About MailStore

MailStore Software GmbH, one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of email archiving solutions, is headquartered in Viersen, Germany (near Düsseldorf), and is a subsidiary of Carbonite (Nasdaq: CARB), a U.S. cloud and hybrid backup specialist. Over 30,000 companies and public and educational institutions in 100 different countries have placed their trust in the products of this German specialist.

In addition, MailStore offers a solution developed specifically for providers with the MailStore Service Provider Edition (SPE), enabling them to provide legally compliant email archiving as a managed service to their customers.

MailStore Home is another product in the portfolio that allows individual users to archive their personal email at no extra cost. MailStore Home currently has over one million users worldwide.

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