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Customer Feedback Attests to Excellent Support

At MailStore, our goal is to provide our customers with excellent support.  Even though our email archiving software is easy to use and very stable, thanks to extensive market testing, we still demand of ourselves that our customers receive the best possible support. This goal deeply informs our decisions – for example, we have consciously chosen not to outsource our support. Our support engineers are directly accessible to our customers from our head office in Viersen, Germany, where they work closely with the development department. “All of the activities our support team undertakes are designed to create added value for customers. These can include the first inquiries about a product, our ‘Tech Check’ to clarify special software uses in advance, or implementation issues or problems during the support period. At the same time, additional possibilities open up for our partners, be it through training seminars, exchanging information, or other activities,” says Christian Mussmann, Director of Technical Support, of his international team.

Customer survey after every support process

We have done a good job of assembling a highly professional, approachable support team! “Every customer who opens a ticket with us receives survey questions about their level of satisfaction with our solution to their question or problem; achieving a high degree of overall satisfaction is very important to us. Our customers’ responses are a very helpful source of specific suggestions for improvement. We also reward employees for their good work by adding them to our internal ‘Wall of Fame’ – earning that honor is a special motivation for my team,” adds Mussmann.

After receiving support, customers are asked about their overall satisfaction with the support service, the respective support engineer’s ability to quickly understand and resolve the issue at hand, and the amount of time it took to solve the problem. Customers keep rating our support team as ‘good’ to ‘very good’ across all categories!

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