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Strategic Importance: MailStore Home Remains Free of Charge

Due to its strategic importance MailStore Home will remain free of charge

Our followers on Facebook, those of you who closely follow this blog, and all the others who follow the happenings in IT nationally and internationally will have discovered the latest news: We just released Version 9.7 of our email archiving software only a few days ago. We also took the opportunity to announce that we have harmonized the version number of MailStore Home, changing it to match MailStore Server. It emphasizes the fact that both Home and Server are powered by state-of-the-art technology. Daniel Weuthen, our Director of Engineering, offers this explanation: “We have reintegrated MailStore Home into the main development branch of our licensed MailStore Server and MailStore Service Provider Edition (SPE) products. This ensures that every update will also include MailStore Home. We have harmonized the version number with other products to document the fact that our free software is always up-to-date as well.”

MailStore Home Is a ‘Brand Ambassador’

We often hear the question, Why doesn’t a consumer-oriented software like MailStore Home, which garners such positive feedback as it does, cost a penny? People even wonder if we will start charging for it in the future. And the answer is a resounding: MailStore Home will remain free of charge for archiving personal emails. And you ask, why? “MailStore Home acts as our ‘brand ambassador,’ in a manner of speaking. We know this for a fact from our ten years in the SME segment. MailStore Home becomes a sort of launch pad for many IT administrators. After using the product for their personal emails, they realize later how they can leverage the technology from our business product range,” replies Daniel Weuthen.

CIO of the HF Group, Tom Castelein, offers this testimony: “We have tested the email archiving software in a private environment by installing and using MailStore Home. We have been absolutely convinced by this very good example of German engineering work and implemented MailStore Server at the HF Group in 2013.” And therefore, MailStore Home will remain free of charge!

We also offer a free 30-day trial version of MailStore Server for IT administrators, in addition to regular webinars:

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