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Out now: MailStore Home 9.7

We are happy to announce the release of MailStore Home version 9.7, the software for archiving private emails, today. The free end-user software’s new features improve performance, user-friendliness, and security. A change to the development process will allow MailStore Home to continuously stay up-to-date with the newest MailStore technology in the future.

Optimized performance, usability, and security

The introduction of the mailbox cache improves the performance of the archiving process enormously. At the same time, the display of archived emails has been fundamentally optimized. The display and preview of email lists have been designed to be clearer and thereby more user-friendly. The updated design of the dashboard in version 9.7 has been brought in line with other MailStore products. Users with limited IT knowledge will benefit from the improved setup wizards for archiving individual mailboxes.

The login procedure for Google Mail accounts has been changed in order to increase security. When the user carries out the initial setup of MailStore Home 9.7 and links it to an email account, a consent dialog pops up on the screen, requesting confirmation that MailStore Home should be used to access the email account. This means MailStore Home now also supports the latest Google security standards such as the OAuth 2.0 login procedure, for example.

Simplified file attachment indexing

A highly praised feature of MailStore Home allows users to browse file attachments by keywords. The method of indexing email attachments to make them searchable is now substantially more user-friendly. The dashboard of the email archiving software for end users informs them if attachments are not indexed. If IFilter add-ons are necessary for indexing, MailStore Home automatically offers suggestions on where these can be downloaded.

“By releasing version 9.7, we are offering end customers a version of our free software that features the latest MailStore technology. We have reintegrated MailStore Home into the main development branch of our licensed MailStore Server and MailStore Service Provider Edition (SPE) products. This ensures that every update will also include MailStore Home,” says Daniel Weuthen, Director of Engineering at MailStore. “We have harmonized the version number with other products to document the fact that our free software is always up-to-date as well.”

MailStore Home 9.7 is available for download on our website.
Please find the official press release here.

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