Archive or backup?

Recently we had this discussion with several customers and fellow bloggers about using MailStore as a backup solution only. At a certain point there was a severe babel of terms. What exactly is the difference between these two approaches? And to be more specific: If people or even organizations backup their email consistently – what for do they need an archiving solution? Isn’t it adscititious?

Knowing something means not necessary the ability to explain it to others. “Backup is to put stuff in a dark cellar. Then you have it – somehow – but you won’t find things when you need them again.” A colleague stated this. I would endorse that backing something up is a satisfaction of rudimentary needs. On the other hand an archive is much more elaborated. It deals with files and folders and structures – the requirement of safeguarding and recovery.

“Backup and archiving are both data management disciplines that use similar resources and present similar technical challenges. But they differ in fundamental ways, starting with the reasons for doing them at all. ” A competitor pointed out this – but I have to add: Backup is for security. The reason for archiving emails is the awareness, that any communication can contain valuable information. To retrieve them easily will save money.

Or to put it in a sales message:
Email archiving protects company’s critical business information and intellectual property.
Solely backing up data is scanty like a vegetarian Surf ‘n’ Turf.


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