Support for Virtually All Email Systems

MailStore Server allows you to archive your email, regardless of which email system you use to store them. This guarantees your company optimum flexibility now and in the future.

Supported Email Systems

No changes will be made to your email system during the archiving process and you do not need administrative access.

  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2003, 2007, 2010, and 2013 (mailboxes, public folders, shared mailboxes and journaling)
  • Microsoft Hosted Exchange
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • IMAP or POP3-compatible email servers
  • MDaemon messaging server
  • IceWarp email server
  • Kerio Connect
  • Email clients such as Microsoft Outlook
  • PST and other email files
Archiving Existing Emails

MailStore Server allows your existing email to be archived. If required, you can define rules specifying that emails be deleted from the mailboxes after they have been successfully archived. This allows you to considerably reduce the data load on your existing email servers in a single step.

Archiving All Incoming and Outgoing Email

By archiving all email as soon as it is received or sent, you can make absolutely sure that all your company’s email is archived. When a user deletes an email from their mailbox, this email will have already been archived.

Archiving Folder Structures

During the archiving process, MailStore Server imports the folder structure set up by the user to the archive. This makes the solution more acceptable to companies and improves the usability of the archived data.

User Administration

Emails are always allocated to their respective owners in an archive. For this reason, MailStore Server provides different ways to create users before archiving takes place.

  • Manual administration
  • Active Directory integration
  • Generic LDAP integration
  • MDaemon, Kerio Connect, and IceWarp integration
  • Application integration for any external user database
Authentic Archiving

Email is archived with MIME compatibility with no loss of information. Not only does this ensure that legal requirements are fulfilled, it also means that the data can be used outside of MailStore.

Integrated Storage Technology

The core of the MailStore Server consists of a highly sophisticated storage technology that does not require any external database software and is available immediately after setup is complete. On this basis, a single MailStore Server installation can manage up to 500 users and a rapidly growing volume of email both efficiently and easily over a period of years.

Maximum Data Volume and User Numbers

MailStore Server can easily be used straight out of the box for up to 500 users. If you wish to use MailStore Server with a significantly higher number of users, we recommend that you contact our technical support team to discuss your individual scenario.

Using SQL Server

If requested, companies that already have their own infrastructure may also use Microsoft SQL Server for their data storage.


You can create a complete archive from a user’s perspective internally from any number of individual archive databases. Should the archive storage used to archive new email approach its storage limits, a new storage database can automatically be created and used in the file system.

This concept allows a flexible storage management and guarantees scalability for any volume of data and number of users as well.

Flexible Storage Management

One option is to use fast and correspondingly expensive storage space just to maintain your archive storage databases containing current emails. By contrast, older archive storage that is accessed less frequently can be maintained on more cost-effective storage space.

Reduced Storage Requirements

MailStore Server uses single instance archiving to reduce the total storage requirements. This means that identical file attachments are only stored once in an archive, even if they appear more than once in users’ mailboxes. File attachments are also compressed.

Protection Against Tampering

MailStore Server uses SHA1 hashes and applies AES256 encryption to email texts and file attachments. This ensures that archived data cannot be tampered with at a later date.

Extremely Fast Search Access

MailStore Server offers extremely fast full-text searching for emails and all types of file attachments. Alternatively, access is always possible via the original folder structure as well. Access to the other employees’ archive areas is possible depending on the privileges that have been assigned.

Seamless Integration with Outlook

A convenient add-in for Microsoft Outlook allows users to access their archive and integrates seamlessly into their usual working environment. The add-in provides for all essential functions, such as searching, an advanced search function, access via the user’s familiar folder structure and one-click restore. The add-in can be distributed according to group policies.

Web Access

MailStore Web Access allows access to the email archive using any web browser. This means that users can easily access the archive regardless of the system being used and without having to install additional software.

Mobile Access

The integrated Mobile Web Access ensures that modern smartphones and tablets are supported (iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry).

MailStore IMAP Server

MailStore Server has an integrated IMAP server that gives IMAP-compatible email clients read access to the MailStore archive. This provides a convenient way for many other email clients (such as Mozilla Thunderbird) across all operating systems (such as Mac OS or Linux) and mobile platforms to access the email archive.

Live View of the Archive

MailStore Server has completely removed the need for users to access stub objects and other technologies that detract from server performance, and always offers a direct live view of the archive, regardless of the access path.

Secure HTML Preview

MailStore Server offers a secure HTML preview of archived emails with a whitelist-based HTML sanitizer, specifically developed for MailStore.

One-click Restore

Users can restore emails from the archive to their mailbox themselves. Alternatively, users also have the option of replying to or forwarding archived emails by opening them directly in Microsoft Outlook or another email client (with no restore).

Long-term Independence

MailStore Server is no one way street. All emails can be restored from the archive in standard formats at any time. This guarantees your company’s independence over the long-term, even from MailStore Server itself.

Supported Export Destinations
  • Microsoft Exchange mailboxes
  • Mailboxes from any email server (IMAP)
  • Forwarding via SMTP
  • Directory in file system (RFC822 EML, MSG, and PST files)
  • Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, and Windows Mail
  • Mozilla Thunderbird and SeaMonkey

A comprehensive technology concept ensures that companies using MailStore Server are able to achieve consistency with compliance and eDiscovery requirements, in addition to regular certification by an auditing firm using the criteria of internationally recognized standards.


MailStore Server enables the complete archiving of all email within a company. For example, email can be archived before being forwarded to employees’ mailboxes.

Authentic Archiving

An archived email is identical to the original email in every respect and can, if necessary, be restored from the archive without losing any information


MailStore Server prevents archived data from being tampered with by generating SHA1 hash values from email content and by using internal AES-256 encryption.

Retention Periods

In principle, users cannot delete emails from an archive unless the administrator has explicitly changed this permission. Global retention periods that override all user privileges can also be defined.

Legal Hold

If the Legal Hold function has been enabled, no emails can be deleted from the archive, regardless of all other possible configurations, such as user privileges and retention periods.


MailStore Server uses an integrated auditing function to consistently log changes and events, which can be defined by the administrator.

Auditor Access

A special “auditor” user type allows external auditors to access the archive. All actions performed by this user type are always logged.

Supported Operating Systems (32-bit and 64-bit Versions)
  • Microsoft Windows Vista SP2
  • Microsoft Windows 7 SP1
  • Microsoft Windows 8 and 8.1
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 and 2008 SP2 (Foundation, Standard, Enterprise, Datacenter)
  • Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2008 SP2
  • Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2011 SP1
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2012 und 2012 R2 (Foundation, Essentials, Standard, Datacenter)
Important Note for Users of Windows XP and Server 2003

The last MailStore version that can be installed on these platforms is version 8 which is still available and supported. An upgrade to Version 9 (or higher), if the current operating system is upgraded, is free of charge with a valid update and support service at any time.

Easy Setup
  • No additional web server (such as Microsoft IIS) is necessary (MailStore Server starts its own HTTP server on the appropriate TCP ports)
  • MailStore Server can be run smoothly in virtual environments such as VMware
  • MailStore Server can be run smoothly in terminal server environments
  • Microsoft SQL Server is not necessary but can be used if required
Hardware Sizing

Although MailStore Server can be used right out of the box in most cases, larger companies should consider the solution within the context of their broader IT infrastructure and we recommend implementing a short planning phase. For further information, please consult our MailStore Server Help.

Please also take the opportunity to contact our technical support team to discuss your individual scenario.

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