MailStore Server Screenshots

Manage Archiving Tasks

Screenshot of the MailStore Client

All administrative tasks can be carried out centrally via MailStore Client.

Screenshot of creating archiving tasks in MailStore Client

Archiving tasks are saved as profiles, which can be run manually or according to a schedule.

User Administration

Screenshot of user administration in MailStore Client

Emails will always be allocated to a specific user’s or their respective owner’s archive.

Screenshot of user administration using the Active Directory in MailStore Client

Users can be created manually using the Active Directory or synchronized using a generic LDAP server.


Screenshot of compliance settings

It is possible to configure features such as the retention guidelines and legal hold function in the compliance settings.

Screenshot of the auditing function

The auditing function allows the user to define which user activities events are logged.

Storage Management

Screenshot of storage management in MailStore Client

The main archive can be created from any number of archive stores. These can be created in the file system or using the Microsoft SQL server or PostgreSQL.

Screenshot of search indexes in MailStore Client

Search indexes that are created by users in the archive store provide extremely fast access to search results within the archive.

Backup and Export

Screenshot of creating a backup

Backups can be performed using an integrated backup feature or third-party backup software.

Screenshot of the Exportfunction

All archived emails can be restored from the archive at any time using various different methods and without loss of information.

MailStore Add-in for Microsoft Outlook

Screenshot of Add-in for Microsoft Outlook

The MailStore Add-in integrates seamlessly into Microsoft Outlook and can be intuitively operated by users.

Screenshot of advanced search function of the Outlook Add-in

Complex search queries can also be formulated using the advanced search function of the Outlook Add-in.

MailStore Web Access

Screenshot of the responsive MailStore Web Access

The responsive MailStore Web Access enables you to use any web browser to access the email archive – even on smartphones and tablets.