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Email Archiving for Exchange

MailStore Server is one of the world’s leading solutions for Exchange archiving. Easy to install and 100-percent reliable in every situation.

Version 11.2.1 | Changelog | For Windows 7 SP1 or later

The Standard in Exchange Archiving

Businesses can benefit from all advantages of modern, secure email archiving with MailStore Server. The software creates 1:1 copies of all emails in a central email archive to ensure the security and availability of any amount of data for years to come. Users can still access their email using for example Microsoft Outlook or the responsive MailStore Web Access, and search through them at breathtaking speed.

Supported Archiving Methods

100% Complete Archiving

  • By archiving all email as soon as it is received or sent, you can make absolutely sure that all your company’s email is archived
  • When a user deletes an email from their mailbox, his email will have already been archived
  • This archiving method is available for Microsoft Exchange and for many other email servers (by using the journaling feature or archiving multidrop mailboxes)

Archiving Existing Emails

MailStore Server allows your existing email to be archived from different sources:

  • Archiving of existing mailboxes (single, multiple or all; manual or scheduled)
  • Archiving of public folders and shared mailboxes (manual or scheduled)
  • Archiving of email clients (e.g. Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird)
  • Archiving of PST and other email files

Reduce the Workload of your Exchange Server

Reducing the workload on your email server by using MailStore Server
  • Emails can be deleted from the mail server’s mailboxes according to a rule-based process once they have been archived
  • This allows the workload of the server to be maintained at a consistently low level

More Advantages for Your Company

Increased Productivity

Emails are an important and very extensive knowledge resource. MailStore Server enables all users to access their emails easily and extremely fast, increasing productivity within the company.

Legal Security

Businesses are faced with the challenge of meeting a growing number of regulations on email compliance, eDiscovery, and other legislation. By archiving all of their email, companies are also protected against general legal risks.

Lowering IT Costs and Expenditures

Network administrators are being put under pressure by rapidly growing volumes of data. MailStore is an effective way to get these spiraling costs under control.

  • Save up to 70% storage space with de-duplication and compression
  • Administrators no longer have to worry about the time-consuming task of restoring emails from old backups (if they still contain the relevant emails)
  • Users can restore emails themselves if necessary
  • The backup and restore processes for the Exchange Server become significantly easier
  • Mailbox limits become redundant
  • The reliance on PST files can be eliminated

Become One of over 60,000 Success Stories

MailStore Server is one of the world’s leading solutions for email archiving. Its customers include thousands of businesses of all sizes and from all sectors as well as government agencies, administrative bodies and other public institutions.

A selection of our loyal small- and medium sized business customers

Why MailStore Server?

MailStore offers the most comprehensive market solutions in terms of performance, stability, functionality and simplicity to meet the specific email archiving needs of SMBs. It’s quick and easy to install as standard software and remains low-maintenance and reliable even with large volumes of email.

Integrated Storage Technology

  • A single MailStore Server installation can manage up to 500 users and a rapidly growing volume of email without requiring any external database software
  • Save up to 70% storage space through de-duplication and compression
  • MailStore Server uses SHA hashes and applies AES256 encryption to protect your data against tampering
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Extremely Fast Search Access

  • Users can access the archive using a seamless integration with Outlook, the responsive Web Acccess or IMAP
  • MailStore Server offers extremely fast full-text searching for emails and all types of file attachments
  • Users can restore emails from the archive to their mailbox by using one-click restore
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Flexible Archiving

  • MailStore Server supports almost all email systems and archiving methods
  • By archiving all email as soon as it is received or sent, you can make absolutely sure that all your company’s email is archived
  • You can also archive existing mailboxes, public folders, shared mailboxes and PST files
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Running right out of the box

  • In just a few minutes after installation, you’ll be archiving your first emails
  • MailStore Server has minimal system requirements and supports all virtual environments
  • Extremely low-maintenance
  • Start now and download your free 30-day trial

Low Cost

Heavily field-tested

  • Trusted by over 60,000 organizations in 100 countries
  • Now available in Version 11.2.1
  • MailStore is specialized in email archiving and offers excellent support and comprehensive consulting
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2018 Stevie Gold Winner Award Gold Award  

Free 30-Day Trial

Download the 30-day trial version for free today. In just a few minutes after installation, you’ll be archiving your first emails on a trial basis. There is absolutely no risk, since no changes whatsoever are made to your existing systems.

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  • Easy to set up in just a few minutes, intuitive to use
  • For Windows 7 SP1 or later
  • Supports all virtual environments