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Email Archiving for Tax Consultants and Lawyers

Using email as a means of communication with clients poses a major challenge for law firms, and compliance with the laws on protecting and storing sensitive client data is a hot topic. We show you how you can achieve legal compliance in the context of email archiving.

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Why Archiving Emails Is So Important for Law Firms

Tax consultants, lawyers and auditors are required to handle sensitive data on clients on a daily basis. As well as providing professional advice, they are responsible for protecting these data and complying with all the relevant legal requirements – especially when the data are being sent out of the company by email.

Although the laws on email retention vary from country to country, they usually always include provisions governing the retention of business-critical data and the protection of personal data.

Legal Risk in the Absence of Email Archiving

Inadequate email archiving policies can harbor substantial legal risk since responsibility for properly implementing the laws on email retention initially lies with a law firm’s management.

Depending on the laws of the land, a failure to provide technical support in implementing legal requirements, or the willful disregard of such laws can attract severe fines and penalties.

In addition, a complete and tamper-proof email archive can play an important role in civil or criminal proceedings, as in many countries of the world, electronic documents are permitted as evidence in court. These include emails and their file attachments. Ideally, not only a company’s own researchers but also external attorneys who, if necessary, can or will have to be granted access to the archive, will be able to gather evidence in the form of email data.

Requirements for Tamper-Proof Email Archiving

A comprehensive and well-thought-out approach to information and data management is now essential in order to meet the demands of increasing data privacy laws, retention obligations, and the resulting stricter corporate guidelines. Given that most business-critical data are sent by email or stored in mailboxes, the often-neglected subject of email archiving has suddenly taken on a new and crucial role.

Because, with the aid of an email archiving solution, business-critical data stored in emails can be retained for many years in a form that is faithful to the original and tamper-proof, then automatically and selectively deleted after a certain length of time. Such a solution can, therefore, be a key component when it comes to meeting the challenges of statutory compliance.

Secure Your Emails With MailStore Server

MailStore Server is the leading email archiving solution for tax consultants, lawyers and auditors for many years. The software is easy to set up, can be installed in a few minutes, fits seamlessly into existing infrastructures, and is compatible with the usual email systems. So, concentrate on your core tasks and let our software take care of legal compliance while providing comprehensive security for all your client data.

Your Advantages at a Glance

Reliable Protection Against Data Loss
Journaling offers effective protection against loss of data arising from hardware failure or emails having been deleted by mistake.

Archiving That Stays Faithful to the Original
The emails in the archive match the original in every aspect and can be restored without any loss of information.

Thanks to internal AES256 encryption, MailStore Server helps protect archived data from tampering.

Regular Certification
MailStore Server is inspected regularly by an independent IT auditor and has been certificated according to the GDPR.

Efficient Searches With Self-Service Functionality
Thanks to an intuitive, powerful search function operating in tandem with MailStore’s Outlook Add-in, you can locate the emails you need in seconds without having to call on the services of an administrator.

Legal Hold
While legal hold is activated, no emails can be deleted from the archive – irrespective of how other privileges or retention periods may have been configured in the system.

Efficient Data Management
Thanks to de-duplication and compression, the data in the archive occupy up to 70% less storage space than on the email server.

Auditor Access and Conformity With Standards
External auditors can be granted access to the archive, and emails can be exported for auditing purposes according to RFC822 / RFC2822 standards.

Ready to Optimize Your Email Archiving?

Get started today with our free 30-day trial and see the benefits for yourself.

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