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Security by Default – On the Safe Side

Information technology (IT) and software, in particular, has become an important factor in the value chain – not just for global players, but also for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs). Companies that are able to access and analyze their client data quickly, for example, have a clear competitive edge. The networking of public administration and the digitization of administrative processes also give rise to numerous opportunities.

At the same time, the issue of IT security is gaining in importance. The more important IT becomes within the value chain, the more critical and complex are the requisite security measures. “The role ultimately played by IT security in corporate strategy differs greatly from company to company. A company must weigh up the inherent risks and the likelihood of these risks occurring. It needs to assess the dependency of its business model on the availability of IT systems and stored data, while considering all the compliance requirements to which the company is subject. Basically, many SMBs haven’t even begun to consider IT security as part of their corporate strategy,” writes Michael Zimmer, CEO of G DATA Advanced Analytics GmbH, in a guest article published in the German-language technical medium, security-insider.de.

Software Manufacturers Have a Certain Responsibility

Björn Meyn in front of a MailStore Server roll up.
Björn Meyn is Product Manager for MailStore Server

Björn Meyn, Product Manager at MailStore, says: “When I buy a car, I expect the manufacturer to have incorporated as many safety features in the final product as possible. And as software engineers, we too feel that it is our responsibility to provide our customers with as much built-in security as possible so that chronically overworked IT departments, admins, and smaller systems houses can concentrate on their day-to-day business, which itself is getting more complex all the time.”

Over the years, MailStore has taken care to consistently enhance the security features of its email archiving software – not least because it is committed to keeping an eye on security.

Security by Default in MailStore Software

For example, as of Version 10, all databases containing configuration data, archiving profiles, or passwords, as well as the archive stores themselves, have been encrypted. And because business life is getting more “mobile” all the time, the responsive Web Access is available only via an encrypted HTTPS connection. Since Version 12, all connections to email archives have been https-encrypted, and a password policy requiring the use of complex passwords has served to enhance archive security. In addition to the option of automated TLS encryption via certificates from Let’s Encrypt, these examples show how software can make life easier for IT admins in the security context. Generally, we try to minimize the complexity of our software and the associated administrative effort – also with an eye to avoiding the potential for errors during configuration and usage. Of course, as a supplier of specialty solutions, MailStore has it easier than other providers: “We are the experts in email archiving thanks to our core competency of secure archiving,” says Björn Meyn. “We can focus entirely on archiving and tailor our products to the needs of our customers. And it means that our workflows and user interfaces are both uncomplicated and user-friendly in design. This helps avoid errors, while providing maximum security to complement the security features by default.”

So, to Conclude:

IT is an integral part of the value process and is getting more complex all the time. Even in SMBs, IT is no longer deployed solely on a “supportive” basis. Loss of IT means loss of sales. The issue of data security – especially in terms of customer data – is becoming highly relevant in the context of the GDPR, too. Data leaks, can result in big fines – not to mention a potential loss of reputation with the customer. And it is not only IT admins who, thanks to software that meets high security standards by default, remain on the safe side; CEOs too can rest assured that the risk of IT threats has been minimized and their business is safe and secure. Company employees also appreciate that the software they are using is reliable and that they do not constitute a risk when using corporate IT. Government authorities and public-sector organizations can reduce IT outage, while complying with stringent data privacy laws. Moreover, this enables them to follow the trend of digitization of governmental processes (eGovernment) and comply with popular demand for digital management with a clear conscience.

You will find more information on the issue of security in the context of MailStore software in our blog article Keep Your Software Up-to-Date!

Version 12 of MailStore Server is available to download from the company website at zero cost for all existing customers with valid Update and Support Service agreements. Customers whose Update and Support Service agreements have expired should renew via the paid upgrade option and also upgrade to the new version.

Interested companies might also want to download the version as part of a free, 30-day trial

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