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Keep Your Software Up-to-date!

progress bar software updateWhen it comes to software, the saying ‘never change a running system’ is wrong! As a software vendor, we see time and time again that companies who use MailStore products struggle to update the software consistently and promptly after an update is released. We could speculate as to why this is case, but we don’t want to. Instead, we want to continue raising awareness among our SME customers so that they know that IT security is not just a luxury, but an absolute MUST. How up-to-date a company’s software plays a big part in this. It’s not just MailStore software that’s affected either; operating systems or programs used for everyday work such as Microsoft Office or email clients are also affected, for example.

Faulty software poses risks

A piece of software is made up of thousands, sometimes millions of lines of program code and is rarely fault-free due to its size alone. Once other software programs, hardware components, and networks are added into the equation, faulty program code becomes not just a breeding ground for security gaps, but also often the cause of malfunctions and opportunities to tamper with the software. Identified vulnerabilities in a software program are the perfect gateway for malware. IT security is the first reason why we are appealing to IT managers in SMEs to keep software up-to-date.

IT security

The threats to IT security are growing – cybercrime is an everyday risk and hackers are becoming ever-more professional. By updating their software constantly, IT administrators minimize the risk posed by known vulnerabilities that can be used by cybercriminals. We are constantly optimizing our software in terms of security. This process allows us to ensure that MailStore software is up-to-date and provides a vast degree of security. After all, email archives often contain business-critical data! We have been continuously and systematically enhancing security for our software since Version 10 by preventing unauthorized access with modern encryption.

Bug fixes

The scope and complexity of the software programs being developed have increased all the while that the technical methods for minimizing faults in software development have become ever-more sophisticated. Totally fault-free software development is a goal but not a reality. That’s why almost every piece of software contains faults or anomalies in its program code, also known as bugs. These are either discovered by us at MailStore or users make us aware of them, for which we are very grateful, of course. These bugs are then gradually fixed as part of the company’s ongoing development process. You can also find out about these fixes in our changelog (Changelog MailStore Server, Changelog MailStore SPE).

Features and user experience

Last but not least, companies benefit from new features delivered with a new version of a software program. We regularly add new features to our products that make working with MailStore easier, more comfortable, and more secure. Recent examples of this are responsive and encrypted Web Access, status reports, and retention policies.

We want our customers to receive the best possible level of security, user experience, and the full range of available features. That’s why companies are obliged in Section 10(6) of our Conditions of Contract to install new versions of the software or updates immediately.


The motto of ‘never change a running system’ is one of the most commonly misunderstood IT recommendations. The phrase is derived from ‘never change a winning team’, a motto that is particularly well-known in sports. But anyone with even a passing interest in sports knows that coaches also need to make changes every now and then in order to maximize the performance of their teams. Sometimes players with different abilities need to be brought into a team. If we take this image and apply it to company IT, one thing becomes clear: Keep your software up-to-date and use the updates provided.

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