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MailStore V12 is available now

MailStore V12: A New Level of Security and Simplified Archiving of Cloud Services

Almost a year to the day since the release of Version 11, the brand-new Version 12 of our email archiving software is now available to download. Users of MailStore Server and the MailStore Service Provider Edition (SPE) benefit from increased security through easier handling and, thanks to the new MailStore Gateway, from a new and simpler means of archiving journal emails of cloud services such as Microsoft Office 365. With MailStore V12, email management has just become even safer and simpler to use.

Logo GDPR certification
Data Security: MailStore Server 12 has been GDPR certified

“Our customers rely on their archived emails being safe and secure,” says Björn Meyn, Product Manager at MailStore. “So it goes without saying that we want to continually improve the safety aspects of our software and adapt to the increasing demands on email security. It’s also important for us to preserve the ease-of-use and positive user experience that are the hallmarks of our software.”

Automated Support of Let’s Encrypt ™ Certificates

One innovation in Version 12 of MailStore Server that is particularly worthy of note is the automated support of digital certificates of the independent certificate authority Let’s Encrypt, which offers digital certificates for Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption free of charge. With this service, we are providing our customers with a simple means to automatically receive and renew official, trusted certificates so that they can build a safe and secure environment. Where required, MailStore Server can help administrators request and configure Let’s Encrypt certificates immediately during installation. What is more, the software takes care of certificate renewal itself so that MailStore Server always has a valid certificate. Alternatively, administrators can use the Installer to create self-signed certificates or access existing certificates. Should a problem occur with a certificate, for example when the expiry date is approaching, the administrator will be alerted via the dashboard and if applicable in the status reports too.

More Security also for SPE

As of Version 12, MailStore Server’s dashboard and the Management Console in SPE will alert administrators to any unsecure outbound connections to email servers or directory services. And from now on, the Management Console can be used to launch SPE instances in safe mode so that configuration errors can be resolved without causing problems during the execution of profiles or jobs, or impairing the user experience. MailStore Server can now also be launched in safe mode.

With both SPE and MailStore Server, a secure connection is established by default whenever the Outlook Add-in is used. This applies also to the directory services which ensure that secure protocols such as LDAP-TLS or IMAP-TLS are immediately available for new connections set up in MailStore SPE and MailStore Server.

Simplified Archiving of Cloud Services with MailStore Gateway

Screenshot of MailStore Gateway
MailStore Gateway’s Management Console can be accessed by common browsers

MailStore Gateway for MailStore Server and MailStore SPE is a free add-on program to replace MailStore Proxy that will only be available with limited support from now on. In addition to SMTP and POP3 proxy functions, it provides a simple email server that allows emails from cloud services such as Microsoft Office 365 and Google G Suite, or from other email servers, to be archived. Previously necessary external journal mailboxes from third-party providers are now a thing of the past. MailStore Gateway was designed primarily with the following scenarios in mind:

  • As a server: in this case, MailStore Gateway functions as the target of a journal or archiving rule for other email servers which can themselves create copies of incoming or outgoing emails
  • As a proxy: in this scenario, MailStore Gateway operates as an SMTP and POP3 proxy that makes copies of all mails exchanged between email clients and email servers

Security by Design also Applies to the Gateway

All emails stored in MailStore Gateway’s mailboxes are protected by strong hybrid encryption. Data cannot be decrypted without the correct mailbox password. For that reason, we urgently recommend that mailbox passwords are kept in a safe and secure location – an enterprise password manager can be useful in this case. Also, MailStore Gateway does not permit user names or passwords to be transferred via unencrypted connections. For this reason, servers to which connections are established via the proxy function must support implicit (SMTPS, POP3S) or explicit (SMTP+STARTTLS, POP3+STARTTLS) encryption.

MailStore Gateway’s Management Console can be accessed by common browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Microsoft IE 10 (and higher versions), as well as by Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Other Improvements for More Safety and User Friendliness

  • MailStore SPE administrators receive a message if a license fails to update
  • In response to customer requests, MailStore-integrated users can now opt out of (i.e. deactivate) the password policies in MailStore Server. Thus, as from Version 12, users can choose to adopt less secure passwords – something we would not, however, advise. For safety reasons, we recommend retaining the password policies!
  • When using Web Access from MailStore Server and MailStore SPE, the browser’s language setting is detected and automatically used.
  • As from Version 12, both MailStore Server and MailStore SPE support Microsoft Windows Server 2019.


Version 12 of MailStore Server and SPE is now available to download from the company website at zero cost for all existing customers with valid Update and Support Service agreements. Customers whose Update and Support Service agreements have expired should renew via the paid upgrade option and also update to the new Version 12.

Interested companies might also want to download the version as part of a free, unlimited 30-day trial.

Service providers interested in MailStore SPE can register free of charge here to obtain all the relevant information including access to a free trial version.

MailStore Home can be downloaded from the Products page of our website.

Click here to view the respective change logs:

More information:

Important information on MailStore Gateway such as system requirements, configuration and installation can be found in our MailStore Help.

Rick Payton
10/04/2019, 21:59

Will future version support LetsEncrypt validating via the DNS-01 challenge instead of the HTTP-01 challenge?

Our archive server isn’t live on the internet, and I’m not about to setup port forwarding to our archive server either.

Roland Latzel
11/04/2019, 11:54

Dear Rick,
thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, there is currently no plan to support DNS-01 challenges.
We have discussed this, but only a few large domain providers can be used to automatically update DNS records, which is required for the certificate renewals. This would cause huge test efforts on our side, and most SMB customers would probably not be able to use it due to their domain provider not being supported.
All the best,

17/04/2019, 13:56

Can i do an inplace upgrade from mailstore server version directly to

Wilm Tennagel
17/04/2019, 17:47

Hi Robert, thank you for your message. Please check our “Update Notices for MailStore Server”: https://help.mailstore.com/en/server/index.php?title=Update_Notices_for_MailStore_Server If this doesn´t help you, please feel free to get in touch with our technical support: [email protected]. Kind Regards from our HQ in Viersen, Germany.

richard maconnachie
10/05/2019, 12:38

I need to up-date my version of mailstore, can you send a link please

note I am computer illiterate

Wilm Tennagel
10/05/2019, 13:19

Hi Richard, we are really happy to help you out but we need some more information: Are you using MailStore Home ore MailStore Server? And please note that we usually don´t offer technical support in the comment section of our corporate blog. So a much better way would be if you reach out to our technical support: [email protected]. Kind regards from Viersen in Germany

28/05/2019, 11:48

Dear Team,
Looking for a mail store solution cloud option
Please advice the product details and price
If any further clarification please feel free to call us.

Wilm Tennagel
28/05/2019, 11:58

Hi, thank you for your message and your interest in our products. Please contact [email protected]. Kind regards from Viersen, Germany.

11/11/2019, 04:17

Any size limitation of each archiving email boxes? because my mail box over 190GB. Thanks a lot.

Wilm Tennagel
11/11/2019, 08:20

Thank you for your comment. Usually the size of email boxes is not a problem. Please get in touch with our technical support [email protected]. They will give you advice and recommendations regarding your individual scenario. Best regards from Viersen in Germany.

Nilesh Raval
31/01/2020, 17:37

I wish MailStore also cover the SharePoint and One Drive files to backup. Every other competitors in market provide full archive support of office 365. Please add these options.

Thank you,

Wilm Tennagel
03/02/2020, 10:46

Hi Nilesh, thank you for your message. Please note that MailStore offers software for archiving emails. In this blog article we explain the critical differences between email archiving and backups: https://www.mailstore.com/en/blog/2020/01/22/email-archiving-vs-backups/. Our software can of course be combined with Microsoft Office 365 – in this article you will learn why this makes sense: https://www.mailstore.com/en/blog/2019/11/20/mailstore-server-office-365-together-make-sense/ Kind Regards from Viersen in Germany

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