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Why you should always keep your Update & Support Service for MailStore Server enabled

For many companies, software maintenance is an onerous task that entails considerable cost and effort. Yet many customers wonder whether it’s worthwhile regularly renewing their Update & Support Service (USS) agreement at all, particularly if the software is both trouble-free and low-maintenance, as indeed our email archiving solution MailStore Server® is. After all, MailStore Server continues to work without an activated support agreement. In this blog post, we explain the risks that can materialize if you fail to keep your USS agreement enabled and the benefits to be had if you do renew.

Without a Valid Update & Support Service Agreement, You Will Not Be Able to Update to the Latest Version of the Software

The most important argument for regularly renewing your Update & Support Service agreement is access to the latest software updates. If your USS is not enabled, you won’t be able to keep your MailStore Server software up to date and benefit from the latest product features and bug fixes provided with every new update. We are referring here both to optimized archiving features such as improved retention policies, as well as to new security features.

In addition, certain legal aspects justify renewing your USS. For example, Article 32 of the GDPR (security of processing) provides that the “state of the art” must always be considered when implementing technical and organizational measures (TOMs). Among other things, that means regularly updating all your installed software.

Assistance From Our Technical Support Team

If you have queries concerning your installation or encounter technical problems during operation, a valid USS gives you access to our support team. In our Standard Update & Support Service agreement, we address your queries via email. If you have purchased our Premium USS, you can also get in touch with us directly by phone.

Eliminate the Security Risk of Outdated Software

Providing secure software for our users has always been top priority for us. Our journey toward Security by Default and, by way of example, support of modern authentication methods are both testament to this philosophy. Because the constant emergence of potential new threats obliges us to develop and enhance the security features of our software on an ongoing basis. And these enhancements are made available to the user in the form of software updates. However, as described above, as a user, you’ll be able to access these new software updates only if your Update & Support Service agreement is valid.

But enabling your USS is not just a matter of security and being able to access the latest product features.

Increase the Number of Users

A company’s employee structure rarely remains static. And if you ever do need to add more users to your MailStore Server installation following a recruitment drive, for example, you can do so only if you have a valid Update & Support Service.


A change in IT infrastructure, such as switching to a new version of the operating system, can lead to incompatibility issues with any software that has not been recently updated. So, you should update your software regularly to ensure that your MailStore Server installation remains compatible and continues to work reliably even if your IT infrastructure is being modernized all the time. The prerequisite for this is a valid USS agreement.

Renew Your Agreement in Good Time and Save Costs

Your Update & Support Service agreement automatically expires at the end of the purchased term. Since the costs for a timely renewal of the support agreement are considerably lower than for a reactivation, you should definitely carry out the renewal before the end of the term of the USS. If you miss the deadline, you can still reactivate the support agreement, but this is significantly more expensive and costs 70% of the new list price of your current MailStore Server license.

About the Update & Support Service

All new MailStore Server installations include the Update & Support Service. You can choose between Standard or Premium support and terms of one, two, or three years. There’s no need to give notice on your agreement either: the Update & Support Service ends automatically when your term expires. To allow you to renew your USS agreement in good time, we’ll alert you when your current support agreement is about to expire.

Please read our FAQs for answers to the most important questions concerning the USS.

The Benefits of the Update & Support Service at a Glance

  • Access to all updates released during the term of the contract
  • Technical support by MailStore or an authorized partner
  • Optimum protection through modern security features
  • Option of adding users to your current installation
  • Compatibility in the event of changes to the IT infrastructure
  • Cheaper to renew an active support agreement than to reactivate an expired one

A handout with a summary of all the arguments is available for you to download here.


Without a valid Update & Support Service, you’ll no longer be able to keep pace with developments in email archiving. In the absence of regular software updates, you’ll miss out on the latest security standards and enhanced archiving functions; also, software compatibility may not be ensured in the event of changes to your IT infrastructure, and you won’t be able to add users to your existing installation.

The lack of technical support from MailStore or an authorized partner is further justification for maintaining an active Update & Support Service agreement for MailStore Server.

Has your Update & Support Service agreement expired? If so, please get in touch with us to have it reactivated.

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