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Summer, Sun, MailStore!

The scent of smoked sausages, the warmth of the sun, and the taste of cold drinks – these are the memories of our MailStore Summer Surprise event. There is one afternoon every summer that is dedicated to the entire MailStore staff, when we spend quality time together. We cast aside our thoughts of the daily bump-and-grind to enjoy being a member of a team. Because, if you are really honest about it, these moments are few and far between.

MailStore Celebrates the FIFA World Cup as One Big Family

On our way to the unknown place
On our way to the unknown place.

The theme of this year’s summer event was the soccer championships. The spirit of soccer was brought into our office lives before lunchtime with a custom designed MailStore jersey. Every employee received a personalized jersey with their name and the German team’s design. We were picked up by a large covered wagon. Here we enjoyed pizza and good music. Since this festive day was filled with other surprises, the destination of this two-hour ride was also kept a secret.

After the ride we arrived at Café & Restaurant De Wittsee. The restaurant was booked for MailStore exclusively this day. With a large lawn next to a lake, the restaurant was an enjoyable place to relax. Our partners and children were already awaiting us there, as the families of our employees are always invited and very welcome.

Warm up before the soccer match
Warm up before the soccer match.

Once everyone was reunited, we raised our glasses to toast the sunny day. Managing director Philip Weber expressed his appreciation and pleasure that everyone could spend the day together. He pointed out the very successful months and thanked everyone for their hard work. Some of the colleagues started to get nervous after the glass of sparkling wine because the soccer game between Germany vs. South Korea was scheduled to kick off soon thereafter.

As the announcer presented the starting lineups and the adults were busy betting the game, the children participated in a Summer Olympics, joyfully working their way from one station with games to the next. Everyone joined in the singing to wish one of our colleagues a happy birthday during the half-time break, which was celebrated with a birthday cake, as well. The excitement mounted as the second half of the game started and the group’s volume rose, too. The tension and emotions spilled out – similar to the afternoon break when some of the colleagues sit down to play a round of FIFA on the Xbox in the break room. Unfortunately, the game didn’t turn out like everyone had hoped when South Korea beat Germany 2:0. Even though the entire world was watching and the game ended like it did, it didn’t affect our good mood.

Trouble shared is trouble halved.
Trouble shared is trouble halved.

It was the scent of sausages that eventually lead everyone to the generous barbecue at the buffet table. Anyone’s day can be sweetened by a little mousse au chocolat, lemon cream, and strawberries. The children’s and adults laughter, echoed over the lake until late into the evening. This year’s MailStore Summer Surprise event was a wonderful.

Viva la Team

We see it in soccer, it takes more than just excellent individuals playing on the field to win a game. The team with the best team spirit has far better chances. For this reason, we don’t want anonymous employees working for us at MailStore. We address each other using our first names and there are no bans on chatting about personal issues. The stronger the team spirit, the easier it is to pull together and attain common goals, as well as handle a defeat.

The Traditional Summer Surprise Event

Our Summer Surprise event at MailStore has been taking place for more than five years. It is always a festive time for the whole family, sprinkled with good spirits and a great feeling of togetherness. Afternoons, like the one we had on Wednesday, are great bonding experiences and we grow closer together as a team. The scheduled activities vary from year to year. However, the special part of it all is the surprise effect for all employees. With the exception of Andrea and Wendy, who lead the organization team, no one else knows what to expect from the day’s activities. MailStore is experiencing a period of growth, which means that it is of particular interest to us that we also integrate new employees so they feel like they belong to us from Day One. The annual Summer Surprise event has turned into a tradition at MailStore that no one wants to miss.

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