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Motivation of a MailStore Home Community Champion

Not long ago, we introduced to you our concept of nominating MailStore Home Community Champions.Would you like to know what a Champion has to say? Please read on….

My community handle is NiiRii and I live in the USA, the Columbus, Ohio area to be more specific.  Go Buckeyes!  I currently work for an IT Service Provider as a Senior Network Engineer.  Our company provides technical IT resources to other companies in the form of on-site and remote assistane, strategic planning, project management, implementing and managing infrastructure, hosted services in our datacenter, and more!  Previously, I worked in the community banking industry for about 13 years where there was a very heavy Information Security focus and I have brought all of my knowledge and skillsets to my current employer.

What is your motivation for your engagement in our MailStore Support Community?

When a company provides a product for sale but also provides a free product for home use, I truly appreciate what the company’s executives and other hard working individuals have to go through to sustain the effort of providing a free product.  Personally, I would pay for MailStore Home but since it is free I want to show my gratitude by helping support the product in the community.

You are using our freeware MailStore Home for private purposes – do you have any experiences with MailStore Server as well?

Yes, absolutely! I learned about MailStore Home because I deployed MailStore Server in my previous position at a community bank.  We needed a product to help us be compliant with various regulatory requirements surrounding email retention and legal hold orders. After researching available products I conducted proof-of-concept tests with three different products and ultimately selected MailStore Server because

  1. it was a very small installation compared to the two other products
  2. it had very little impact on system resources even with over 200 GB of data archived
  3. the desktop application and the Outlook plug-in both worked extremely well and searches were extremely fast, and
  4. it did everything we absolutely needed while being the fastest, most stable, and the cheapest cost per user.  What more could you ask for in a product?!?!

How would you motivate MailStore Home users to intensify their contribution to our community?

I really like the MailStore Home product so I joined the community in an effort to help other users and encourage adoption of this product on a wider scale.  My efforts were immediately appreciated by other users and various staff members at MailStore.  I have found that the staff at MailStore have been very receptive to recommendations from the community and they provide great feedback on whether a recommendation could be implemented or reasons why a recommendation could not be implemented.  The active participation from MailStore staff members is a HUGE plus and is another way MailStore is showing that it is invested in the MailStore Home product.  If other community members are able to be more active in the support it would show the staff at MailStore how much their product is truly appreciated by the community and encourage them to keep up the great work!

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