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Are you the next MailStore Home Community Champion?

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Here at MailStore we love our product “MailStore Home”. Since its introduction nearly 10 years ago, we always felt that MailStore Home users would need to have a place to share their experiences, enhancement ideas, challenges and questions. Provided free of charge, downloaded by millions, setting up MailStore Home is straight forward and simple, but users might be confronted with challenges in their specific environment or simply need some advice in using the product. So we created the free to join MailStore Home communities.

The MailStore Home communities (German and English) have been well accepted by the user community ever since, and the community has grown in content over the years. Today, we count over 1800 users in the English community, and over 1200 users in the German community – with similar numbers of raised topics and answers.

“Community Champions” are highly engaged users

We recently started to create more structured content like articles besides the discussion category, and we introduced the role of “Community Champion” to highlight very engaged MailStore Home users providing their support through answers and tips for all other users.

Though we push the idea of “Users-help-Users”, the MailStore support staff is continuing to moderate topics and is helping to resolve difficult questions or issues.

The new role of “Community Champion” is granted by MailStore for “above the average” contributions and engagement. To mention some examples of what that means: providing useful and detailed explanations, supported by carefully tailored screenshots, or easy to understand step-by-step instructions in the form of “How do I install the product?”, “F.A.Q.” or “Setting up a complex archiving profile for the XYZ email host”.

“How do I become a champion?” you may ask. Simple: it is all about gained reputation through aforementioned contributions and engagement. Being a “Champion” usually brings the benefit of early access to a new MailStore Home version and direct access to the MailStore support staff. Of course there is also a visible “Champion badge” on all community topic replies.

Are you the next MailStore Home Community Champion? If so, then support staff will recognize your activities and someone from Support will reach out to you, asking, if you like to join the MailStore Home communities in the role of “Community Champion”. Within the near future you will get to know a Community Champion here in our Blog. Stay tuned!

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