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MailStore 10: More Security for Archived Emails

  • All email archiving products now have enhanced security features
  • 10 years of MailStore: a successful anniversary year

Viersen, Germany. 30 November 2016 +++ MailStore Software GmbH, the German specialist in legally-compliant email archiving, today released Version 10 of its software solution. Against the backdrop of increased threats to critical company data via internet crime and social engineering, MailStore focused on enhancing security in its new version, while maintaining its high level of performance as well as straightforward implementation and ease of use in Version 10. MailStore Server 10 and MailStore Service Provider Edition (SPE) 10 are both equipped with modern encryption technology as well as auditing capabilities. In addition, private MailStore Home users can now protect their archived emails with a password.

In its tenth anniversary year, Version 10 of MailStore’s popular standard software for email archiving represents a further milestone in a successful company history.

“We have noticed that small and midsized companies are now more aware of threats from internet crime and social engineering,” says Daniel Weuthen, Director of Engineering at MailStore. “In order to reflect this, we never lose sight of the security aspect when developing our software. Company emails often contain business-related and sensitive data. That’s why we increasingly focused on encryption and auditing when developing MailStore 10, in order to even better protect email archives from unauthorized access.”

Preventing unauthorized access

The new version uses modern encryption technology to enhance the protection of emails archived with MailStore Server against unauthorized access. The existing encryption capabilities have been expanded to include the archives’ underlying databases and the integrated audit trail. This now ensures better protection for the archived emails’ metadata, including the subject line, sender and recipient as well as the folder structure of the archived mailbox. Additional capabilities protect the archive using a recovery key to prevent it from being used on other systems by unauthorized people, such as backup administrators. This provides the archive with additional protection particularly in cloud-backup scenarios. In addition, the standard settings have been changed to ensure that the MailStore administrator cannot access or view the users’ archives. This compliance feature can be modified but the change will be recorded in the audit log, as with all changes made by a MailStore administrator.

Automated update check and enhanced efficiency

A simple and effective way to ensure users have the best possible level of security is for them to always run the latest software version. The automated update check can be activated, so that it alerts IT admin staff to the availability of a software update. Administrators also benefit from more flexible archive stores that offer better cost management. This is because they can define the storage location of each component of an archive store (email content, databases and search indexes) individually.

Password encryption for home users

Private users of MailStore Home freeware also benefit from enhanced security in Version 10 as they can now protect their archived emails with a password. As with the fee-based MailStore solutions, users can only unlock the archive with a recovery key if they lose their password. Home users can also contribute to future developments in this popular email archiving software by activating the transmission of anonymized usage data.

Version 10 on the tenth anniversary

MailStore Software GmbH was founded in 2006 and is celebrating its tenth anniversary in 2016. At the same time the Carbonite subsidiary is releasing Version 10 of its software today. “With MailStore 10, we’ve certainly reached another milestone in our 10-year company history,” says Philip Weber, Managing Director of MailStore. “With our new security features, we’re responding to the growing security requirements of many industries in the US and other international markets, as well as those in the security-conscious German-speaking countries. Our expanded security capabilities also lay the foundations for the future development of our products in terms of market requirements like client access options and functional scope.”

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 About MailStore

MailStore Software GmbH, one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of email archiving solutions, is headquartered in Viersen, Germany (near Düsseldorf) and is a subsidiary of Carbonite, Inc. (Nasdaq: CARB), a U.S. data protection company. Over 35,000 companies and public and educational institutions in more than 100 different countries have placed their trust in the products of this German specialist.

MailStore also offers a solution developed specifically for providers, the MailStore Service Provider Edition (SPE). This solution allows providers to offer their customers legally compliant email archiving as a managed service.

MailStore Home is another product in the portfolio that allows individual users to archive their personal emails. MailStore Home is currently used by over one million users worldwide.

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