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Feature Spotlight: Secure Access to the Email Archive via IMAP

Access to the email archive via the integrated IMAP-ServerEnd user access to the email archive is a critical feature of every email archiving solution, as this greatly enhances productivity and user experience. MailStore Server and the MailStore Service Provider Edition offer the popular Outlook Add-in, the responsive Web Access, the MailStore Client, and an additional, fourth option for archive access: the IMAP server integrated into MailStore Server.

This type of archive access has a concrete restriction that should be taken into account when selecting the suitable access method – just ready-only access is possible via the IMAP server. In other words, regardless of the respective user rights, this option does not permit users to move, restore, or even delete emails.
However, the IMAP server does offer a number of advantages that can be very helpful, depending on the user scenario:

  • No installation is required. As a result, every email client that supports IMAP mailboxes can also warrant access to the MailStore archive.
  • End users who don’t work on a Windows device can therefore receive access to their archive in their email client of choice – such as Apple Mail (for Mac OS) or Gmail (for Android). An additional option for these users is access via the Web Access, which is possible via every browser currently on the market.
  • Windows users who work with an alternative email client (such as Mozilla Thunderbird) instead of Outlook can also enjoy convenient access to their archive in their client in this way.

Incidentally, the recently released Version 11 only permits TLS-encrypted connections via IMAP. In times of ever-increasing numbers of data leaks and security gaps in IT infrastructures, the demands on IT security are increasing. We have prioritized ensuring a proper security level as a long-term measure for our products ever since we developed Version 10.

You can find out how MailStore admins such as yourself can configure the integrated IMAP server in our online documentation.

02/08/2018, 13:55

Excellent for Mac users!

Stuart Schwabe
18/06/2019, 11:18

I have been the Home version for years and now all of a sudden I cannot access any archived emails. I don’t know what I am doing wrong. I have also updated. Please help urgently as I am somewhat concerned

Wilm Tennagel
18/06/2019, 11:56

Hi Stuart, please use our Customer Support Community for your request. https://community.mailstore.com/en/.
A debug log file will help the community to understand your problem a bit better and to help you. Here you will find some information on how to create a debug log file: https://community.mailstore.com/en/t/article-creating-a-debug-log-file/40 Thank you and kind regards from our HQ.

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