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CeBIT 2017: Why MailStore is not presenting at the International IT Trade Fair

This week, the CeBIT is once again taking place in Hannover. According to the event’s organizer, Deutsche Messe Hannover, CeBIT is the leading international IT trade fair, drawing 200,000 participants and over 200 speakers as well as involving more than 2,000 hours of lectures. This year’s event will focus on topics related to new technologies, such as artificial intelligence, humanoid robots, and virtual reality applications that blur than boundaries between man and technology. CeBIT aims to be the only event in the world this year to allow participants to experience the digital transformation in its entirety – with all of the opportunities, specific showcases, and best practices that this entails. In keeping with this goal, the event organizer has dedicated a digital roadmap that “can provide decision-makers at small and medium-sized enterprises with specific instructions on how they can achieve digital transformation” to small- and medium-sized enterprises that are particularly strong in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

We here at MailStore continue to admire CeBIT as one of the world’s leading IT trade fairs. Because of this, we will be attending the event as specialist visitors in order to get an overview of the industry, trends, and latest developments. However, we will not be exhibiting at the event. Why is that?

The main reasons for this are our products and the way in which they are marketed. We develop and sell niche products that are very specialized: MailStore Server and the MailStore SPE, standard software for email archiving. This distinguishes us from our competitors, who typically offer a broader range of products. By contrast our software is offered at a low price relative to other options on the market and can be used ‘out of the box’ directly after installation, without requiring any further modifications. Many software vendors base their business on projects due to their more comprehensive products – this incurs licensing and implementation costs, such as ones required for consulting services. And, of course, this entails making larger investments. We sell our products directly, but the majority of our revenue comes from our sales partners.

“We consider CeBIT to be a relevant, major IT trade fair in terms of internationalization as well. Because of that, we are not categorically excluding exhibiting there in the future,” says Roland Latzel, Director of Marketing at MailStore. “That being said, we usually attend events and specialist trade fairs as a vendor when our specialist retail partners are there as exhibitors. We carry out direct sales to end customers exclusively via digital channels, which is why we are not currently planning to attend trade fairs independently. Instead, our strategic focus lies on further expanding and enhancing our indirect sales channel. We support our distributors and resellers when they take part in trade fairs and events – most recently, we assisted our French partner Watsoft with their showing at IT Partners 2017 in Paris. We also help our distributors and resellers organize their own road shows and in-house exhibitions. Moreover, numerous Managed Service Providers (MSP) who number among our business partners for the MailStore SPE will be exhibiting at CeBIT.”

A J Mishra
27/01/2022, 08:33

A rebranded and reimagined CEBIT Australia, one of the most awaited business events of Sydney has just launched the first section of their 2022 program with a focus on the key digital transformation issues that are facing businesses as they seek to innovate and grow.

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