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Celebrating 10 Years of MailStore’s Success

MailStore was founded in 2006 – and now that it’s 2016, we’re celebrating our tenth anniversary. To mark the occasion, we’ve ‘gifted’ our customers, partners, friends, and ourselves with the release of Version 10 of our software. “MailStore 10 is sure to be another milestone in our company’s ten-year history,” says Philip Weber, Managing Director of MailStore. “The new security features not only address the needs of the security-conscious markets in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, but also serve the increasing security requirements of various sectors in the U.S. and other international markets. At the same time, this expanded security also lays the groundwork for further developing our products in keeping with market demands for client access options and functional scope.”

We’ve put together an infographic that provides an overview of MailStore’s ten-year history. You can download it here.

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