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Real-life Experience: Why Did 20,000 Companies Already Opt for MailStore

There are a number of factors that play a role in selecting an archiving solution. The solution needs to take individual requirements into consideration and be able to seamlessly integrate into the existing infrastructure. What’s more, it must be quick and simple to implement. The price-performance ratio also needs to be convincing and technical support, if needed, should be provided quickly.

How can you be sure if our email archiving solution meets all of the criteria and is the right option? Our customer overview uses selected success stories and customer testimonials to illustrate why over 20,000 companies have already opted for MailStore Server.

Get to know MailStore Server from our customers’ perspective and see what system administrators and decision makers from companies, organizations, and institutions across all sectors like most about MailStore technology and find out about the benefits our email archiving solution has to offer.

Are you interested in MailStore Server? Would you like to test it? Download the 30-day trial version for free. You’ll be archiving your first emails just a few minutes after installation.

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