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Case Study Winbro: MailStore Server in Migration Projects

Our case studies illustrate how MailStore Server is suitable for many different application scenarios. In our latest case study on Winbro Group Technologies, an engineering company with headquarters in Coalville / Leicestershire (UK), the email archiving solution was implemented for an email migration project. Before the migration, the old emails were archived with MailStore Server in a one-off operation. The migration from the old email server to the new one was then carried out. This resulted in a significant reduction in storage requirements, since the data volume of the old emails was no longer overloading the server.

The positive feedback from Phil Antill, IT & Facilities Manager at Winbro, is proof of MailStore Server’s success: “In our experience, there is always going to be some friction when rolling out a new IT system. However, there were so few issues with MailStore Server that we would have no reservations about recommending the solution.”

Project overview

Customer: Winbro Group Technologies
Industry: Mechanical engineering
Headquarters: Coalville, Leicestershire, UK
Primary requirements: Support of an email migration project
Implemented in: August 2011
Number of licensed users: 120
Email infrastructure in use: Microsoft Exchange 2010, Microsoft Outlook 2010

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