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MailStore Server Supports Exchange 2016

The MailStore Server 9.5 email archiving solution is now available with full support for Microsoft Exchange

Viersen, Germany, 11 November 2015 +++ MailStore Software GmbH, the German specialist for legally compliant email archiving, announced the release of MailStore Server version 9.5 today. The new version of the software for legally compliant email archiving now offers complete support for Microsoft Exchange Server 2016. Furthermore, the support for Exchange Autodiscover has been improved and makes it possible to set up archiving profiles more easily. This is a particular advantage for email archiving in Office 365 and hybrid environments.

Businesses can benefit from all of the advantages of modern and secure email archiving with MailStore Server. MailStore Server supports almost all email systems and archiving methods, in addition to Microsoft Exchange. Email can be archived from individual or multiple inboxes, public folders, email clients, and PST files, or archiving can be done automatically for ingoing and outgoing emails. For example, users can also access their emails in Microsoft Outlook and search through them as quickly as possible thanks to seamless integration. MailStore Server uses integrated storage technology to reduce the total storage requirements by up to 70 percent.

“We are delighted that we are able to support Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 so shortly after its release thanks to the new version of our solution developed in Germany. Our specialization in email archiving and our expert development team mean we can quickly ensure that MailStore Server is always compatible with new operating systems, email servers, and email clients,” explains Tim Berger, General Manager Business of MailStore.


MailStore Server 9.5 is now available on the company website for download free of charge to all existing customers with active update and support service. Customers whose annual update and support service has expired can renew this by upgrading to the new version.

Interested companies can also download a free, unlimited 30-day trial version.

About MailStore

MailStore Software GmbH, one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of email archiving solutions, is headquartered in Viersen, Germany (near Düsseldorf), and is a subsidiary of Carbonite (Nasdaq: CARB), a U.S. cloud and hybrid backup specialist. Over 25,000 companies and public and educational institutions in 100 different countries have placed their trust in the products of this German specialist.

Moreover, MailStore offers a solution developed specifically for providers with the MailStore Service Provider Edition (SPE), enabling them to provide legally compliant email archiving as a managed service to their customers.

MailStore Home is another product in the portfolio that allows individual users to archive their personal email at no extra cost. MailStore Home currently has over one million users worldwide.

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