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Why Partner Events Are Important for MailStore

The basis for our steady and sustainable international growth are indirect sales via our channel. MailStore distribution partners together with their resellers and managed service providers (MSPs) guarantee the outreach which is necessary for the successful distribution of our products. An important part of our distribution partner´s work and a cornerstone for our success, is the organization and implementation of partner events. Why is that?

Roland Latzel, Director of Marketing
Roland Latzel, Director of Marketing at MailStore

„The personal contact between our specialized value-added distributors (VADs) and resellers as well as MSPs in each market is the foundation for a successful channel business. In addition to the ‘hard facts’ such as product and support quality that our partners provide, trust and personal contact should not be underestimated,” says Roland Latzel, Director of Marketing at MailStore.

MailStore booth at partner event
“Personal contact between our specialized value-added distributors (VADs) and resellers as well as MSPs in each market is the foundation for a successful channel business.”

In addition, events offer more benefits: On the one hand, as a software vendor we receive deeper insights into local markets and can get direct feedback from our channel partners on our software and its practical use. Through this feedback we learn, for example, how new features are accepted by end customers or which country-specific topics play a role in the marketing of MailStore. As an example, GDPR can be mentioned.

“Local markets in Europe differ for example in regard to their demands towards data governance, compliance or even the acceptance of cloud computing. Therefore, we are convinced that strong distribution partners are the key to succeed in Europe’s very diverse markets,” confirms Roland Latzel MailStore’s international growth aspirations. Of course, the feedback we receive from our distribution partners and their customers feeds into the further development and improvement of our software.

Overview of Partner Events:

In many countries our VADs introduce the solutions MailStore Server and MailStore Service Provider Edition (SPE) at events, conferences and trade fairs. Here are the dates and links to the respective events:

  • 24.10.2018 Vienna


Czech Republic: SWS a.s.

  • 11.10.2018 Čejkovice


France: Watsoft

  • 18.09.2018 Toulouse
  • 19.09.2018 Aix-En-Provence
  • 02.10.2018 Lyon
  • 03.10.2018 Strasbourg
  • 09.10.2018 Paris
  • 10.10.2018 Nantes



  • 17.10.2018 Stuttgart
  • 23.10.2018 Wetzlar
  • 06.11.2018 Duesseldorf


Italy: Achab

Poland: Bakotech

  • 16.10.2018 Security Days, Gdansk
  • 17.10.2018 Security Days, Warsaw
  • 18.10.2018 Security Days, Katowice


Romania: Romsym

  • 25.10.2018 Data Day, Bukarest


Switzerland: EBERTLANG

  • 25.10.2018 Zurich


United Arab Emirates: Bulwark Technologies

  • 14.-18.10.2018 GITEX, Dubai


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