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5 Common Misconceptions around Email Archiving

Note: This article has been extensively revised. You can find the current version here: 5 Common Misconceptions About Email Archiving – MailStore

There are a lot of myths about email archiving. It sounds like a nice idea, but people are not really sure if they need it. Email archiving is one of those topics that is commonly misunderstood. Because of that, we asked our distributor for the UK and Ireland – Zen Software – about five common misconceptions around email archiving. James Steel, Sales and Marketing Manager at Zen Software, named us his top 5 misconceptions he comes across when he is talking to customers:

1st misconception: Backup is the same as email archiving

Clear-up: It is not! Backup is simply securing data for a limited time and normally only accessible by an administrator. Email archiving is storing exact copies for an unlimited period and is retrievable by any user. Measures, such as hash values and encryptions ensure legally mandated protection against tampering.

2nd misconception: Email archiving is just too expensive

Clear-up: Modern workers in UK businesses spend more than 3.5 hours a day on a PC or a mobile device. They spent a lot of time to browse through tens of thousands of emails, which can be reduced by a fast search within the email archiving system. There is also a big potential of legal savings, which secures that no email gets lost. This makes it possible to look up e.g. complaints or issues back from the history within minutes.

3rd misconception: With email archiving I will lose access to my emails

Clear-up: Archiving indexes your messages so they’re easy to find. You will get a complete record and you can access it from multiple devices.

4th misconception: Email archiving affects my folder structure

Clear-up: Do not worry! Your folder structure is going nowhere. Some email archiving tools, like MailStore, give you the possibility to mirror your folder structure. Thus, there is no need to change the way you work.

5th misconception: Office 365 already archives my emails

Clear-up: The huge success of Office 365 is a problem, it’s the market leader and therefore a target for cyber criminals, and that’s only going to get worse. 77% of organizations were infiltrated by malware over 12 months period. 32% of businesses don’t have policies in place to protect deletion of important content. Make sure that you use an email archiving system, but do not rely on Office 365 alone.

Zen Software unravels these five myths about email archiving in this video:


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