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Useful: Combining MailStore Server with Office 365

Although some plans of Office 365 come with the option to archive emails, users of Office 365 can benefit from deploying an additional third-party tool like MailStore Server! Why that?

Think about:

  • Data loss protection
  • Employees leaving your company
  • Accidental deletion of emails
  • Malicious deletion of emails
  • Service Outages
  • Storage

…you want to learn more without wasting too much time? Please watch this short explanatory video provided by our partner in UK, Zen Software:


Further advantages of Email Archiving and the use of MailStore Server can be found here. Protect yourself and contact our sales team if you need more information:

Phone +1 (800) 747 – 2915
Email [email protected]

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MailStore Server offers several ways to archive emails from Office 365 mailboxes, which are described in our implementation guide.

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