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Partner Interview with Martin Drexler from E&S Software

We are pleased that Martin Drexler from our Czech Distributor E&S Software recently answered a few questions about his work and experiences with MailStore:

martin-drexler1. When did E&S Software start up and what distinguishes your company from the rest?

E&S Software started in business back in 2006, when our owners begun distributing email servers and several other solutions. Not long after its launch in 2006 E&S Software went international and marked its presence on another European markets. The spirit of our company is both young and professional which enables us to be very flexible and quickly reflect any changes that the world of IT brings on a daily basis. But what I value the most is our corporate culture and the way we approach our customers and partners. We build on close relationships that are beneficial for everybody involved.

2. How many people does E&S Software employ and how many of them are working for MailStore?

E&S Software has about 30 core employees and several external colleagues. There are 7 people working for MailStore at this time.

3. How important is email archiving for companies and organizations in the Czech Republic?

It’s very important for the most part. Wherever the business email communication is a relevant element of what the company does (about 80% Czech firms) there is a need to secure the data and enable fast and precise access. A lot of Czech companies, which are active on the international market, or are being affected by it, demand email archiving while the others start to pick up. Now, when the Czech legislation is shifting towards even stronger position of eGovernment and requirements for cyber security, the email archiving will be soon a standard for literally all responsible businesses.

4. What requirements are particularly relevant for email archiving solutions in the Czech market?

The requirements vary according to the segment where particular company works. What I find remarkable and very important is how everybody who starts to use MailStore Server for its own reasons such as security, fast search engine or reduction of server and mailbox overload, promptly finds another functionality that attracts him/her, making the solution helpful in more ways than was initially planned.

5. E&S Software has been distributing MailStore Server since the end of 2012. What was it about the solution that you found so convincing?

Originally it was demand stemming from the situation within the infrastructure of our customers as they realized that no email servers are designed to store large amounts of data for an extended period of time. We found MailStore as a solution that is very reliable and easy to use while, still being reasonably priced. These key facts are strongly seconded with the immaculate technical support and the relentless focus of the company to be the no. 1 expert in e-mail archiving.

6. Which of the advantages of MailStore Server are particularly important to partners and end customers?

Both the end customers and partners like the very same things mostly. It’s reliable, well priced, and very easy to set up and administrate.

7. Tell us about some exciting customer projects that E&S Software has implemented recently.

Even though it’s hard to pick here, one of the cases that stands out for me was an implementation of MailStore Server for Equa bank which is one of the Czech progressive banks. This case was very complex and the requirements from the bank front office and their IT department were high and very tenacious. Also, we have met lot of competition along the way as this was a great reference customer, and faced competitors with progressive price dumping strategies. The whole process wasn’t easy but eventually the MailStore solution was implemented and it serves to their needs to the letter.

Many thanks to Martin from E&S Software for taking the time to answer our questions!

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