Email Archiving for Microsoft Office 365

Right on time for the release of Microsoft Office 365, we provide full support for email archiving with the new cloud service. The latest version of the MailStore Server can automatically archive individual Microsoft Office 365 inboxes as well as all emails in the company that are sent or received using Microsoft Office 365. This means that MailStore Server for Office 365 offers the same support as for local email servers like Microsoft Exchange 2007 and 2010. Legally compliant email archiving is now a reality for the new cloud office.

Another benefit of the central archiving of emails in the Microsoft Office 365 cloud is that companies can also access all emails locally and can therefore retain control over them. This means that a full email archive can be maintained, including historical emails, which guarantees data security and safeguards the company’s independence from external server providers over the long term.

The archiving of Microsoft Office 365 is supported by the latest MailStore Server, Version 6. An implementation guide, which describes how to set up the archive, can be found under Archiving Emails from Microsoft Office 365 in the MailStore Help.

Today, July, 6th, 2011, new version MailStore Server 6.01 is ready to download. Beside some bugfixes the automatic detection of the Microsoft Exchange server name when using Hosted Exchange (Autodiscover) is implemented now.


For new information about using MailStore Server together with Office 365 please read this blog article.


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