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MailStore Home: The TOP 5 Articles in the Support Community

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MailStore Home is the email archiving software we offer free of charge to private users. More than a million users worldwide are already doing that, with more joining every day. Based on MailStore Server, our paid solution for archiving business emails, MailStore Home allows users to archive private emails from virtually any email source on their home PCs, protect against data loss, and run fast searches through all their emails. Electronic correspondence has increased in the private sphere, too, and emails have become an important knowledge resource. Just consider the countless messages we all exchange with bank advisors, online retailers and authorities. With MailStore Home, we offer private individuals a free and easy option of managing emails in their home environments.

MailStore Home is also portable, which means that it can be launched on any PC directly from a USB drive or high-quality USB stick without prior installation.

Users Help Users

Many of our customers understand that we cannot offer personalized technical support for a free software product that contains no advertising or the like. But in order to convince as many users as possible of our know-how in all matters relating to email archiving, we launched the MailStore Home Support Community. MailStore Home users can join the community and provide each other with help – and if things don’t work out, our colleagues from Technical Support are always on hand to provide the necessary advice and assistance.

The number of clicks an article receives is often a good indication of where users are having “issues” with MailStore Home, and for this reason, we’ve decided to list the Top 5 most-clicked articles from the Community site. And, spoiler alert! One of them is about sheep!

  1. Article: Create or choose a new archive location
  2. Subject: MailStore Home Feature Requests
  3. Subject: Not able to open archive
  4. Article: GMAIL archiving and folder structure in MailStore Home
  5. Subject: Not able to set the archive folder from backup

To close, we’d like to encourage all our MailStore Home users to contribute to our Community – because a community can only thrive if people get involved.

Register right now and help your fellow users!

Here’s another tip: make sure you always keep your software, not just MailStore, up-to-date.

You can download MailStore Home directly from here.

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