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Improving Outlook Performance with MailStore? Oh yes!

Does your business suffer from a slow Outlook performance? Users frequently notice long start up times, a slow sending/receiving process or a time-consuming message search.

Before we explain how MailStore can remedy this problem, our partner MDaemon Technologies describes the potential cause for this issue in an engaging blog article:

“The most common cause is having a mailbox that’s too large. This problem is so common because many users like to save every email they send and receive over time, resulting in a mailbox that’s bloated and out of control.”

The solution for avoiding mailboxes becoming too large is clear: Reducing the amount of data stored in user mailboxes!

Have a look at the following video for detailed information about archiving emails with MailStore Server and improving Microsoft Outlook performance by using MDaemon for example:

If you want to learn more about the benefits of MailStore Server, its compatibility with Microsoft Exchange Server and many other email servers like MDaemon Email Server (using the journaling feature or archiving multidrop mailboxes) please register here for our free and non-binding webinars.

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