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Six Reasons to Use the MailStore Service Provider Edition (SPE)

More and more system houses are facing the challenge of transitioning into becoming managed service providers. The SPE can help them do so. Including this solution in your portfolio can represent your first step towards acting as a managed service provider. We have revamped the licensing and sales model for the SPE in keeping with the transition trend, and to take full advantage of the potential that this market has to offer. Email archiving as a service provides a range of benefits, far beyond expanding your portfolio. We have listed the top six reasons why you, too, should use the SPE:

  1. You operate the MailStore SPE yourself on your own IT infrastructure, which allows you to maintain full control over the entire solution and your customers.
  2. You have the option to freely determine the price for your end customers and customize the solution with the help of numerous branding options.
  3. Versatile MailStore technology makes it possible to serve as many customers as possible, thanks to support for nearly all email systems and archiving and access methods.
  4. Our technology is backed by extensive market testing. Over 35,000 companies already trust that they can rely on us.
  5. Thanks to its easy-to-use single and multi-server modes, the MailStore SPE is perfectly suited for both low and high volumes of customers.
  6. MailStore makes it easy for you to get started with the solution, providing free, non-binding test phases, comprehensive technical support, and a large volume of marketing materials.

If you would already like to test our SPE for free in a non-binding manner, register now and take advantage of helpful information during your test phase.

Do you have any questions before getting started? Feel free to contact [email protected].

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