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MailStore Server 10 was granted the ms.exchange.org Gold Award

MSExchange.org Grants Gold Award to MailStore Server 10

MailStore Server 10 was granted the ms.exchange.org Gold AwardMSExchange.org, one of the leading international Microsoft Exchange Server specialist portals, has presented MailStore Server 10 with the Gold Award. The product’s setup and initial installation, configuration, security features, and user experience were examined in close detail over the course of an in-depth review carried out by Steve Goodman, a recognized Microsoft MVP (Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professional). He also investigated MailStore’s pricing and support service.

Goodman began his review by noting that MailStore Server is especially well suited for small and medium-sized companies. He described the following application scenarios in detail:

  • Cost-intensive local storage space to accommodate increasing mailbox scope
  • Data security and eDiscovery
  • Simplifying email recovery without having to access backups
  • Archiving large volumes of data on third-party email servers to make this data accessible to users, but without storing the data within Exchange
  • Simplified switching of an email server to Microsoft Office 365 without having to migrate large volumes of data.

Goodman cited benefits such as simple initial installation that required little support from the MailStore team, special security features that help administrators archive email in a legally compliant way, and the level of customer satisfaction for MailStore support services, based on a MailStore customer survey carried out in 2016.

…regarding the search function in MailStore Server:

One of the key purposes of an archiving product like this is to ensure that data can be searched and found from an administrative point of view – for example, to assist with a legal case in the future.”

“The search functionality works, and is fast. A variety of terms can be used, along with the ability to search various metadata such as recipients, senders, and subject, plus the ability to search the body and attachments of messages and apply fine-grained filtering.”

…regarding data security:

“Previous iterations of MailStore Server have supported encryption, and these capabilities have been improved in Version 10. MailStore Server now encrypts the underlying databases that store metadata about messages (such as the subject or recipient), and the associated audit trail.”

…a summary of MailStore Server:

“[…] it works well, has great multi-platform support, and is very easy to configure – a rarity among products in this category. If you need a product like this, it should be on your list.”

You can find the full product review here:


Would you like to test MailStore Server? Download the free 30-day trial version here.


Kevin Mc Granaghan
25/09/2017, 11:18

We are looking for an email archiving solution which has the following –
• Exchange 2013 support
• Easy to install
• Easy to use for non-technical users
• Outlook integration
• Ability to import .pst files
• Available as a virtual appliance
• User support
Please reply with the archiving features of your solution, detailing the licence options, initial cost and any specific installation requirements.
Approx 50 users at present.



Roland Latzel
11/10/2017, 15:45

Dear Kevin,
thanks for your interest, our Sales team will contact you via email with a quote for MailStore Server as requested.
Best regards,
Roland Latzel

Robert Mark
06/06/2018, 22:26

The server Mail store 10 is the best for any user to have the best access of any server and the user will have the network according to its use.

Wilm Tennagel
07/06/2018, 07:42

Hi Robert, thank you very much. Nice to read this. We recommend to use the latest version of our software. Please notice that we have launched MailStore 11 recently!
Kind Regards from our HQ in Viersen, Germany!

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