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MailStore managed to land its 30,000th customer

2015 is a successful year! Because we were able to increase our customer base to 30,000 companies that use MailStore Server for legally compliant email archiving in more than 100 countries. And we expect further steady growth in 2016: “Our sales figures are proof that an increasing number of SMEs now recognize that they need to incorporate professional email archiving into their IT security strategy due to legal requirements. Firstly, the German ‘Principles Regarding the Proper Keeping and Preservation of Books, Records, and Documents in Electronic Format and Regarding Data Access’ (GoBD) requires companies to do this. Secondly, email remains the most important means of communication in business, is increasing in volume, and often contains business -critical information,” says Tim Berger, general business manager of MailStore.

For more information please read our press release.

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